Back on the road again. Its been quite some time but last few months I’ve been doing some more work outside Stockholm again. Last few months I was a few times in Switzerland and a couple of weeks ago I was in Astana, Kazakstan.

I must really say that I enjoy working more day to day with Team Wawrinka again. On one hand it feels like a really long time since we were together and one the other hand It feels like it was yesterday and we pick up right away.

Yes, I have had proposals coaching on both the mens and women’s tour in the last years. But to coach AGAINST Stan on the mens tour would be absolutely no chance for me. So that was not an option. And I simply didn’t have the motivation to start a new project trying to make an impact and trying to get a player better. Because as a coach you need to be hungry. You need to be there for the small details if you want to make an impact. And you need to be ready to be on the road. And I didn’t have that energy. And I don’t take a job because I need to have a job. Thats not fair to the player.

But when me and Stan sat down for a coffee a few weeks ago I must say something inside of me ignited. It was what he said but it was also something in Stans eyes telling me he was hungry.

I will do everything I can to be a good support for the last chapter of the book.

Preparing in Basel

Paris Bercy and Rolex Masters is the last tournament for the year for Stan. I will be on a holiday with my daughters, that was planned since a long time back, so Stan will be with long time fysio Serge Torrelies from Monaco. Stan is also working with Stefan Duell who is also working with Elena Rybakina.

Stan, Serge and myself at the 2019 French Open
Stan, Serge and myself at the 2019 French Open

Talking about Switzerland we are very happy to see Nicholas Kobelt win his first ITF mens future. Great work with your team! Lets go for more!

Nicolas with his first PRO tournament win
Nicolas with his first PRO tournament win

*** Basel was the last tournament for the Swedish ATP supervisor Thomas Karlberg. It was nice to be there for the last night and a final toast

*** The new 4 minute warm up rule makes some players skip volleys for warm up. A sign of the times with players approaching the net less and less?

Hope you are having a good Sunday and enjoy your life:)

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