US Open 2016

Hi again,

Last time i wrote was after the event in Cincinnati. I was kind of frustrated as I thought we had done quite a good work but the results didn’t come. But guess what? Hard work and belief often pays off.

I admire Stan for many things. One of the things i really like is that you will always get a straight and honest answer from him. He has no hidden agenda. He will always be honest. No matter WHO it is. No matter if the answer will make him look ”less good”. He is not afraid to show vulnerability. This goes for his tennis as well.

He knows he can improve his week to week consistency- he is open with that.
He knows he can challenge any player on a good day- he is not afraid of stating that.
He got shit nervous before the final in US Open- he was honest with that as well.

You don’t hear a lot of athletes totally open and with this mindset.

For me it shows courage and great personal foundation in life.There is something very strong and human in showing emotions and it takes pride and strenght to not hide away.

Its not until you accept your limits and your shortcoming that you can start pushing past those limits.

The brain and strategist behind our team is Pierre Paganini. From day 1 I had a big respect for the work he had done. Now 4 years later I must admit that I have even more respect for Pierre. I know its not a coincidence that Stan is built like he is. He has build Stan like a diesel machine with the ability to be explosive like a 500 horsepower race car.

Everyone from his agent Lawrence (Starwing sports) to fitness coach Pierre has a big part of the 3 Grand Slam wins. We have made smart decisions along the way. Small details that in the end plays a big part.

Stan is now again qualified for the year end championships in London. I personally feel like I have the best job in the world. I feel very blessed and feel very privileged to work with such a gifted and talented player and in a team that are so knowledgeable. Most of all i think highly of the team because, in a world where money talks, they have great values.

Next up is St Peterbursg before going to Asia. Next tournament for me will be in Tokyo.

Hope you are all having a great time. Enjoy your weekend!

Oslo Marathon for me on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed:)


Team Catella

Hi all,

Hope that you have a wonderful Sunday. We have been in New York the past few days preparing for the US Open starting on Monday. The weather has been really hot and humid so its been a great few days here for training. The facilities and service for the players in New York keeps improving for every year. This year the talk of the tournament is the new Grandstand court. And after the tournament this year the USTA will start the construction of a new Louis Armstrong stadium as well. With a roof. Its just amazing what kind of facilities that the Grand Slam federations have. Not to talk about the budgets that these countries have for player development.

This week we have boys from the academy competing in Canada ITF grade 1 together with coach Peter Carlsson. I really want to credit the boys Jonas and Karl as well as the whole team at Good to Great Tennis Academy for an amazing effort to have these Swedish boys in Canada this week (and the US Open next week). This has been made possible by the team sponsor Catella, by hard work from the players and the great passion from coach Peter throughout the whole year. Catella has given the team the possibility to play and compete together the whole year. The have played mainly outside and been on the road a lot together. Hats off to everyone involved and keep working hard! This is hopefully just the start of a great journey!

Hope you will enjoy the US Open the next couple of weeks!

All the best, Magnus



Hi all,

After days of considerations and rehab we are finally on our way to Cincinnati. Positive news. Clear to compete. Cant wait to get over to the US again. Especially since I haven’t been in Cincinnati in a few years. I used to love the event as a player even if the results for me there were really poor. It normally is crazy hot during the tournament and I had problems with the conditions there. I probably would have played a little different schedule before the US hardcourt swing if I would have had another chance. I normally came from clay events in Europe and its quite a change. Anyway. Done is done. We all learn as life goes on.

Ive seen pictures on the upgrades they have made In Cincinatti and it will be nice seeing them live. This year the event also has a new tournament director.

Combined event with the WTA in Cincinnati as well. Normally means tougher for us to get practice courts but nice for the spectators I guess.

Any tips on what to do in Cincinnati by the way? Anyone know of a swimming pool where its allowed to train as a visiting guest by any chance? While we are at the subject I’m also looking for a place to hang out at or people to train with while in New York. The Tri community is really awesome.

Other then that its been a few really nice weeks off for me in Sweden. The summer has been amazing really. Normally my allergies are really bad in the summer but THIS summer its been better then ever! Im now almost 100% sure that allergies are partly linked with our general health. Ive been experimenting with eating less sugar and less processed carbohydrates for a while. Not primarily because of allergies but a great side effect has been that my allergies this year has been minimal. Im positive that its part because of the experiment with the eating habits. On top of that i also haven’t been sick in quite a while. It can’t be a slump. The immune system has also improved. Im motivated to help other people and perhaps share my story on allergies! Lets see how that will play out in the future.

But first of all i can’t wait to get started in Cincinnati.

So long!



Opening ceremony tonight!

Hi all,

Hope you had a good week!

Olympic games opening ceremony is on tonight. I have been blessed to attend the one in Sydney as a player and the one in Beijing as a coach. Amazing to see and meet all the athletes from around the world. My best memory as a coach was to wake up early (as always) to go to the gym and see all the different athletes preparing. Call it a freak show or just brutal athletes that comes in all sorts and sizes. Just amazing really. As a player it was a great experience being part of something bigger for your country and to have the support from all the other athletes from your country. Apart from all the amazing aspects that the Olympic games brings i still can’t help to feel a little bit of a bad smell though. The big expensive arenas being built (that are many times not even used after), the corruption and doping scandals, athletes are told what to tweet and what not to tweet from the games and all the things around sort of takes a little bit away. Thats a little bit sad really in my opinion. The Olympics should be a big celebration of sports. Anyway. Still looking forward to the games. Really sad for our team that Stan will miss the games. The Olympics was the first event we put down when we made the schedule for 2016 so i know how much it hurts for him not being able to play.

Enjoy the games and have a nice weekend!



Say no to good to reach great

Hi all,

I hope you are having a great time. Summer in Europe and many people are on holidays. Time to recharge and reflect for many of us. So also for me. Time for a few days off at home after a great weekend in Michigan again.

Me and the fitness coach of Good to Great Tennis Academy, Viktor Tuurala, are during 2016 trying to acquire new knowledge about the body and how we can take advantage of that knowledge in training and rehab. The education is incredible strong. Its really cutting edge and a new method of thinking when it comes to movement. Its really strong when people from the whole world and from different background come together and share their knowledge. We hope that we can introduce this concept in small chunks and to start training our players within the method when our own tennis facilities will be up and running at the end of 2017. Within the center Good to Great will operate a fitness and medical center that will be for the players in the academy but we will most likely also be open for the general crowd.

David Cup week this week. Davis Cup was and is always a priority for the Swedish players as far as i know. However for you who is following my blog you know that i think the Davis Cup needs to somehow change its format to appeal more to fans and players going forward. I see a potential risk for Davis Cup if changes are not done. Big decisions off course and not easy but i thinks its necessary to try something new to refresh this great event. If that change is playing best of 3 sets, play Davis Cup every second year only or something else i don’t really know. As you might also know if you follow me i was all for ATP ranking points in the Olympics. Off course i don’t have all the information to why the decision was being made to not have any points in the Olympics and my view is strictly from my own perspective without any politics involved. But i think the Olympics for tennis was really successful in Beijing and London with everyone competing. Its was really starting to be a prestigious tennis event that players wanted to win badly. Every sport in unique and has its own pros and cons. I think it would have been great to keep ranking points in the Olympics and add in the Olympic prestige and representing your country. Pretty cool! Now you have an ATP event at the same time as the Olympics and it all does not make sense for me. However great to see Johanna Larsson from Sweden reaching her goal to compete in the Olympics. She got criticized in Sweden for skipping Fed Cup earlier in the year to be able to prepare for making a spot in the Olympics. Now when we have the result we can see that her team made the right choice. You sort of have to be able to say no to good things in order to reach great things.

When speaking about Johanna Larsson i can see a very interesting first round in Båstad WTA between her and upcoming Swede Rebecca Peterson. Tough draw for both on different level. Will be interesting to follow.

The american hardcourt swing is starting this week as well. Its a great time of the year. Will be interesting to follow the results in the initial tournaments.

Hope you will have a great week wherever you are!



Race report and unlucky with flights

Hi again,

Im writing to you this time from Newark airport on my way to Adrian Michigan. I have really been unlucky with my travels after Wimbledon. After Wimbledon i flew home and had a flight London-Dusseldorf-Stockholm with Air Berlin. Delayed out of London i missed my connection in Dusseldorf and had to spend the night at an airport hotel with my bags and all. My bags then got lost the following day for 5 straight days when traveling on a direct flight to Stockholm. My compensation was €40 from Air Berlin??!!

This time around i was supposed to fly Stockholm- New York- Detroit on Wednesday. Arrived well with SAS in New York before 3 flights!! with United Airlines got cancelled to Detroit on Wednesday night. The last one at 1 am. I got rebooked on a Delta flight at 6 am. The grounds people had no hotel within 1 hour from Newark, so i had to sleep on a chair at the airport. When changing terminal to get my boarding pass with Delta in the morning the ticket itself has been canceled (instead of rebooked) by United. I again had to take the air train change terminal to go to United to try solve the issue. I just make it on time for check in for the 6 am flight when they tell me its delayed until 10 am. So here i am. Without any sleep at all. Well into my 4th coffee in the last 2 hours. As I’m only here over the weekend for lectures its a huge blow for me off course. Compensation?! I doubt it.. This whole industry has some catching up to do to win my confidence back to say the least:)

Anyway. The time after Wimbledon has been spent with my family. Since 1 year back I’m making sure to spend a lot of time with my kids when I’m home. Its been a great investment really.

Since Stan lost early in Wimbledon i also entered an Ironman 70.3 race. An Ironman 70.3 is a half distance Ironman. The first official Ironman 70.3 race in Sweden ever. I was not really ”Triathlon prepared” but i decided to enter anyway just to get my first race under the belt. The experience was really good! Didn’t really know what to expect when i ran into the water. The swim was really good for a first race i think. Didn’t panic and finished with 36 minutes. Got stuck a bit on the way home and cruised to the end. The 500m run in wetsuit was also good before T1. Took my time and made a quite good transition to the bike. 90 km on the bike is quite long for me right now. Specially with the Tri bike i was using. Not used to the more aerodynamic positioning of the body on the bike. As i said I’m not prepared yet so i took my time and didn’t push to much. Still managed to pick up a 5 minute penalty for drifting to close to another cyclist. In long distance triathlon you are not supposed to be closer than 10 meter to any other cyclist. I picked up the penalty just after a long hill when everybody got jammed together. I had a laugh with the guys in the penalty box. In Triathlon when you get a penalty you have to stop at the the next penalty box when you receive a penalty by the umpires on the motorbikes. If you don’t stop you get disqualified. I lost 5 minutes there and also had to stop another time to go to the toilet. Didn’t push maximum and finished the 90 km bike in 2:47 with average speed of around 32,5 km/h. The run was the split i was worried about as i have only been able to run 8 times since February due to partial tear of the patella tendon. Quite crazy to compete in an Ironman i know but thats me. Im super happy with the knee. No pain whatsoever during or after the race. I finished the half marathon with 1:50. Not a great time but overall I’m super happy with my first race. No pain and we had a lot of fun. Looking forward to my next race and to the full Ironman:)

My fundraiser Race 4 kids with allergies is up to around 65 700 SEK with donations from over 38 people now. THANK you so much you that has donated or in any way contributed by sharing on social media etc. Much appreciated.

Wow, now I’m found sportsbar that is has tennis channel and live tennis from ATP 250 in Båstad. Bedene vs Brown. Awesome!! I miss båstad. Haven’t been there in a few years.

C u later guys!!



Cold and wet in Wimbledon as well

Hi all,

I hope that you are well and enjoying your summer. Well, its upposed to be summer but for us working in the tennisindustry it has been kind of a weird summer so far.

French Open was cold and rainy. Wimbledon has been the same so far. Very wet and second round matches being played on Friday. Not easy for the organisations,fans and the players i must admit. It must be tough to be making schedules when you have to play catch up all the time. French Open did a fantastic job with the schedule despite the very bad weather. Wimbledon had more problems if you ask me. The schedule came as late as 10:30 pm one night. Perhaps its more complex on grass but certainly thats way to late for players having to wake up around 7 am for first matches.

I really want to thank Richard Krajicek for a few great weeks on the grass. It was really a nice experience for me and Stan working with a Grand Slam singles champion. I personally learned a lot of new things and he helped us a lot. The results were not immediate and not what we were looking for, but I’m sure it will show in the future.

A fantastic new this week has also been the approval of the building permit for the Catella Arena. A state of the art sport facility in Danderyd 15 minutes north of the the center of Stockholm. 30 minutes from the International airport in Stockholm. Its a project that started 9 years back as Tennisbase Sweden. I still keep the first handmade scatch that was made back then. There is so many people to thank along the way. Special thanks to my friend Viktor for making the introduction to our architect Martin Rangfast, at Tengbom, who has been there from day 1. Martin has spent multiple hours on this project. Martin will be there the whole way and i could not be happier with that. He saw the big picture and he understood what we were trying to build.  He never asked for money in the first hand. I really admire that. Big shout out also to my colleagues Nicklas and Mikael at Good to Great Tennis Academy who has been running this project the last years with amazing heart, professionalism and stubbornness. It has been a great privilege to follow the work done by Nicklas, Mikael and the whole team at Good to Great Tennis Academy. Also big thanks off course to the partners of Good to Great Tennis Academy and the investors making this possible. The center will be ready Q3 of 2017 with 7 indoor- and 7 outdoor tennis courts, 3 indoor- and 3 outdoor paddle courts, a professional athletic center with fitness coaches and fysios focusing on sport performance in general not only in tennis, a medical center, office space, a modern tennis equipment store, restaurant and lots more. It will be the new home for Good to Great and will also be an open facility for all people around the world to enjoy.


Follow Good to Great Tennis Academy for updates on programs and other activities!

My fundraiser Race 4 kids with allergies has so far raised 62 500 SEK with donations from over 35 people. THANK you so much for this. My former colleagues and tennis players as well as friends have contributed. Both myself and the Allergy and Asthma foundation are truly thankful. We will keep pushing and my goal is to gather 100 000 SEK after doing the Ironman. My training is going ok so far but still problem with my right knee even if its way better then few weeks ago. Still haven’t decided which Ironman to take part in but i will decide within weeks. It will depend on my working schedule a bit off course. Next weekend i will take part in a half Ironman in Sweden. It will be my first Triathlon competition. Im not really prepared for this event but i thought it could be a good occasion to get into competing. It is convenient as it is a 2h drive from home, and i think it will be quite different from training. I just want to get through the competition with a good feeling (knee and all) and learn how things works. Changing from swimming to biking etc. It will not be easy. Even though I’m a super competitive person i will try to take it easy and get my first event under my belt with a good feeling. Im actually super nervous to be honest.

Following the Triathlon competition i will be traveling to Detroit again for 5 days of ongoing education. As you might now I have been very interested in athletic training throughout my whole career and I’m curious to get to know more about how the body works. What influences peak performance? Why are we doing what we are doing? Is there another way to look at training perhaps? Can we train and rehab people another way than we do today? Love to get more knowledge in this area and something I’m thinking about is perhaps working integrated with both tennis and fitness. And why not in other sports than tennis.

Hope you are having a good weekend!

All the best, Magnus


Eyes set on London

Hi all,

Hope you are doing well! Lots of things have happened since the last time i wrote. The end of the clay season turned out to be really good for us. Title in Geneva followed by a semifinal in French Open.

Geneva Open this year was amazing. Weather beautiful and big crowds as Stan played well. Hotel close to the courts (no long commutes) and the great Holmes Place fitness center that the players and coaches could use close to the hotel. What more would you ask for? 🙂

Paris was not as nice as it usually is due to the weather. Nothing you can do about that really and the organisation did an amazing job with scheduling and keeping the courts in great conditions despite the weather.

Hats off to Andy Murray who played a really solid match in the semis against Stan.

Now we have our sights on the grass and Wimbledon. We have brought in ex Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek to help the team. Im really looking forward to share thoughts with Richard in London. I will travel to London this sunday to join the team on court Monday morning. Unfortunately Stan lost 1st round in Queens to Verdasco so the first event on grass was not to good but now we have time to practice on the surface before Wimbledon.

My fundraiser ”Race for kids with allergies” is going well so far. The challenge is me trying to complete an Ironman competition during the year I’m 40 and at the same time raise money for the research on kids allergies. So far the fundraiser has gathered 57 000 SEK. After the completion of the race i will personally give the funds to the Swedish Asthma and Allergy foundation. Thank you all for supporting!


Have a nice day out there! So long!



My birthday

Hi all,

The first few days of my fundraiser “Race4kids with allergies” has been good so far. The fundraiser has generated 35 000 SEK so far with great contributions from the tenniscommunity as well as friends and family. Thank you thank you thank you!

The idea behind the fundraiser is not only to raise financial support for the research on kids allergies but also to spred the awareness about kids allergies and share stories and support. Thanks for sharing and posting on all platforms.

We are also superhappy to have Head nordic swimming as a first partner to the fundraiser. Head nordic swimming will provide first class swimming equipment and all the necessary tools and expertise needed for the first leg of the Triathlon, swimming. Thanks to Head nordic swimming for supporting the fundraiser from all of the Asthma and allergy foundation crew!

And yeah. Today is my 40th birthday:). I have 1 year to complete the mission. If you want to support you can donate to the fundraiser here and/or share. Big or small. Thank you so much!! Your help is very much appreciated by the Asthma and allergy foundation.

Race för Kids_logo

Logo by Lotta Friberg design



Race 4 kids with allergies

Hi you all,

I always wanted to make something special the year i turn 40. A personal challenge just for myself. Not for anyone else. I’m turning 40 in a few days and i have decided to race the Ironman distance sometime during the year I’m 40! For people that does not know its a 3,8km swim followed by a 180 km bike and last but not least a 42km run. I know its kid of crazy and specially with all the problems I’ve had with my body over the years. But I’ve always had this addictive personality and as you know I’ve always been keen on knowing more about training and how the body and mind reacts in different situations.  I currently have an inflammation in the patella tendon as an example but i hate to give up. When people say ”there is no way he can do that” i get inspired. A little bit as when someone from the Swedish Tennis Federation said ”no way he will make tennis player with that home cooked way of playing tennis”. HAHA!!

I have never been swimming before until January this year. Just started biking. Done a few marathons. But to put this all together will be a challenge. Cant wait to learn more and to get to know people in the Triathlon community!

While trying to find a good personal challenge i also felt that i wanted to try to raise money for a charity, that is close to me, at the same time. A sudden accident to one of my daughters ,when she was eating at home, made me realize that i want to get involved in the research of kids allergies. 30% of kids today live with some sort of allergy or asthma that makes their lives difficult. They have to adjust their lives at home, with friends and in school. But it does not need to be this way. Researchers are on the way of finding solutions that can make life more easy for all people with any kind of allergy.

Perhaps my daughters got the allergies from me. We don’t know. But its likely to be so. Ive personally been struggling with allergies my whole life and in my tennniscareer i often had a very tough time during the summer. Trying to perform physically at a high level at the same time fighting the allergies was tough at times. I was often weak and tired. I was affected physically when spending time in the same room as animals. I love animals but i have never been able to hold a cat or a dog in my whole life.

Please take a moment to read about allergies and asthma and how it affect our kids. It would mean a lot to me if you would get informed about allergies and what we can do to help kids that have allergies. Ultimately it would be amazing for me if you would like to support the foundation and me competing in the race:)

You can show your support on my crowdraising site by clicking here. When you do you will be able to follow my training and receive continued updates.

There will also be possibilities to have your company logo on my training and competition gear throughout the year for the support of the research on allergy. Contact me if you want more information.

100% of the proceeds will go straight to the Swedish Asthma and allergy foundation at the end of the Challenge.

Thank you very much. I will think about everyone of you when training and ultimately competing in the Ironman.

Allergi och Astma