Miami was not to be

No, Miami was not our tournament this year. Big setback off course and the first thing you ask yourself as a coach is ”What could i have done differently?”. I always take responsibility when my players are not performing to par. What i can try to do is to analyze the probable causes, talk about it, learn from it and then move on! Try to be better next time. Its no change this time around. We have to try to bounce back.

Next tournament for Stan is in Monaco on clay followed by Madrid, Rome and Geneva before French Open. Very much looking forward to get out there and compete again.

Flying back to Europe in a few days. Have a stopover in Detroit for a few days before I’m flying home on Saturday.

Will spend some time in Stockholm. Hopefully the spring is getting there in time for my homecoming. I hope to be able to take my road bike for a spin:)

*** Happy for Johan who is c/o coaching Dimitrov and Mikael who is coaching Monfils for the results so far in Miami.

*** Swedish youngster Elias Ymer was up in the 3rd set vs Delbonis but could not convert. Nice to see him playing well however.

*** Worked on my open water swimming really well in Miami. Luxury to have such great environment for outdoor training!

*** Swedish junior nationals going on at the moment. Always exciting to follow the results for our players at Good to Great Tennis Academy.

All the best and thanks for the support in good and bad times,




Hi all,

We have arrived in Miami since a few days. Been preparing and getting used to the different conditions in Florida compared to the desert in Indian Wells. The ball travels much faster in the air in the desert compared to the more humid conditions in Miami. The wind is also an factor in Miami and it takes some time to get used to the wind. Not easy to get courts here also as it is a combined event with less courts than in Indian Wells.


Overall i think this trip is way to long. You spend 4 weeks in the calendar for only 2 events when the rest of the year is jammed up. There must be a way to work around that when other ATP Masters 1000 are being played over just 1 week.

A new thing that the ATP has tried since some time back is to get the coaches together on a regular basis and actually hear what we have to say about the tour and topics that we think can be better. I think its a great initiative as we perhaps see things from a different perspective. The ATP coaches will present some ideas to the player council to take in consideration for the future. Ultimately its up to the players and the tournaments to decide about the tour but i still think its great to involve the coaches as well. We had a great meeting here in Miami on Sunday night. Lets see what comes out of that.

Im sort of hacking along with my training as well on the road. Still can’t run since Australia which actually is a bit depressing but I’m doing my rehab and hope to be back soon. As the patella tendon has prevented me from running i have done much more swimming than usual. The other day i also went open water swimming here in Miami. Wasn’t that easy as the waves was pretty strong that day. But anyway a fun health session:)

Stan is playing his first match on Saturday here in Miami. Hope you will be there and support.

All the best, Magnus


Streber skapar förutsättningar

Stiftelsen Streber är bland det bästa som hänt svensk tennis. I en tid då “aktien” svensk tennis är ganska lågt värderad så har Streber stiftelsen genom sitt engagemang skapat enormt fina ekonomiska möjligheter för flertalet svenska tennisungdomar. Genom att vara 100% oberoende, och inte göra nån skillnad på vart spelaren har sin hemvist eller annat, har Streber anskaffat sig bakgrundsmaterial och sedan gjort en bedömning därefter. Bara för spelarens och svensk tennis bästa. Detta har skapat mycket fina möjligheter för juniorer och deras tränare att kunna utöka sina satsningar och göra aktiviteter som de normalt sett inte kunna göra. Tack Streber säger jag lite från kanten. Ni är fantastiska!

Nedan text är direkt tagen från Streber stiftelsen i samband med att Mikael Ymer och Rebecca Peterson nu får ett stipendie på vardera 150 000 kr till sin tennissatsning. 

Rebecca Petersson, född 1995 och Mikael Ymer, född, 1998, har tilldelats 2016 års stipendium på vardera 150 000 kronor från Stiftelsen Streber Cup. Stipendiet ska användas för att underlätta deltagande i internationella tävlingar och ge förutsättningar för att känna på den tuffa internationella konkurrensen inom världstennisen. Detta är trettonde året som stipendier delas ut. Tidigare stipendiater är Kajsa Rinaldo Persson, Mikael Ymer, Rebecca Peterson, Elias Ymer, Daniel Windahl, Christian Lindell, Ellen Allgurin, Daniel Berta, Patrik Brydolf, Anna Brazhnikova, Sandra Roma, Nima Madani, Johanna Larsson, Sousan Massi och Ervin Eleskovic.

– Rebecca Peterson och Mikael Ymer är idag parallellt med Elias Ymer våra mest lovande tennisungdomar, kommenterar Per Hjertquist, rådgivare till Stiftelsen Streber Cup. Vi väljer att ge båda stipendium för att underlätta deras internationella satsning under året.  

– Vi går igenom ett hundratal av tennisungdomarna i åldern 14-20 år och det finns många kvalificerade kandidater. Det är alltid svårt att välja, vilket känns mycket positivt för svensk tennis, kommenterar Bengt Möller. Det är en hård konkurrens i svensk tennis på lovande ungdomar och i år diskuterade vi också bl a Karl Friberg, född 1999, Jonas Eriksson Siwertz, född 1999, Susanne Celik, född 1994, Fanny Östlund, född 1997, Jacqueline Cabaj Awad, född 1996, Cornelia Lister, född 1994 samt bland tjejer födda 1998 Julia Rosenqvist, Ida Jarlskog, Sandra Örtevall och Mirjam Björklund.

Ledande personer inom näringslivet har sedan 2003 en stiftelse för att stödja utvecklingen av svensk tennis. Målet är att ge stöd till ungdomar i åldern 14-20 år för att de ska kunna spela fler internationella tävlingar och därigenom förenkla övergången från junior- till seniorklass. Det gäller att finna tennisungdomar som kan vara föredömen både på och utanför tennisbanan. I Stiftelsen Streber Cup ingår ett 100-tal ledande personer inom svenskt näringsliv som under ett flertal år träffats och spelat tennis. Stiftelsens styrelse är Caroline Sundewall, ordförande, Carl Bennet, Michael Treschow, Claes Dahlbäck, Stefan Dahlbo, Mats Andersson, Peter Säll, Bengt Möller samt Laszlo Szombatfalvy, hedersledamot. Cecilia Lager, Jan Berntsson, Björn Franzon, John Larsson och Per Hjertquist är rådgivare. Hans Mertzig förvaltar stiftelsen medel. En stipendiatpatrull bestående av Per Hjertquist, Stefan Dahlbo, Cecilia Lager och Bengt Möller hjälper stiftelsens styrelse att selektera fram lämpliga kandidater. 

Stiftelsen har ett kapital på drygt 2 miljoner kronor och har som mål att årligen dela ut stipendium på 100-300 000 kronor. Ambitionen är att stiftelsen ska växa genom kapitalförvaltning och ytterligare bidrag.

– Tack vare generösa donationer från Strebers tennisintresserade vänner i näringslivet delar vi i år ut 150 000 kronor till två av Sveriges mest lovande tennisungdomar, kommenterar Caroline Sundewall, ordförande i Streber Cups Stiftelse. Vi har också möjlighet att dela ut fler stipendier under året.

– Vi har delat ut stipendier på 2,3 miljoner kronor sedan stiftelsens start 2003. Vi följer våra stipendiater, arrangerar möten för dem med vårt nätverk och försöker ge dem support på många olika sätt.


Prepare for the unexpected

It was a great decision by the tournament to move Stans match from Stadium 1 to Stadium 2 yesterday night as things was falling behind. In general i think its quite tough to have 6 matches on the stadium court and specially if the second match starts not before 1 pm. Happy about the outcome however and it was a nice intimate feeling on the court. People where coming pretty close to the players.


This is just one of many things that can happen to a tennismatch before it has even started. Tennis is a pretty complex sport with everything thats going on even before a tennismatch has started (its complex as it is ON the court) in that way that you many times don’t really know when the match is going to start. Tennis scheduling often follows a ”followed by” strategy which means that matches are scheduled to start immediately when the previous match has finished. There is not a set time. Its up to the player and the team to keep track of the scores and to be ready. Lets say you play 4th match from 11 am. You have 3 matches before you that could take either 3 hours or 7 hours. So you could basically play around 2 pm or at 6 pm with those parameters. Thats a huge change in match preparation and you have to adjust your pre nutrition as well as warm up routines according to the scores. There could also be a situation like yesterday where you perhaps mentally have adjusted to play on a specific court but for some reasons the supervisor will change the court. You have to be ready for that to. In many sports you would have a fixed time for the start of the match. A little bit easier to plan the day when you know exactly when to play and that weather (as an example) will not influence the start of the match.

Then there is a million things that can happen during a match that really does not relate to tennis but that players have to be ready for. There could be a rain delay in the middle of the match. Always bring extra clothes to change. Injury time out from your opponent. How do you handle that? Do you just sit down or do you stand up and move? Spectators getting injured or ill all of a sudden and there is a break in play that will upset the rhythm of the match. What do you do? Well, there is a various different things that can happen that specially juniors and their coaches should be a ware of and prepared for.

My advice is: Be “half ready” during the whole day of the match, meaning keep an eye of the scores, keep up with your nutrition plan and don’t go off doing crazy things. Be prepared for the unexpected and accept all changes that comes. Do not stress. Easier said than done from the outside off course.

Hope you will have a great day wherever you are!



Great weekend in California

Hi all,

I hope that you had a great weekend! We certainly did in Indian Wells. Nice weather, good work and Stan won his second round match on Saturday night. It might have looked easy but in order to play well you have to prepare well. We have been here since 1 week so it was nice to see that it turned out well. Next up is Kuznetsov, who beat Chardy, on Monday. A very tough opponent. We will prepare by doing a session together today Sunday.

We have already seen some amazing matches and rallies in Indian Wells both on the mens and the women side. The players that i spoke to last year was complaining a little bit about the balls. This year i personally think (and i also hear players saying the same) that the balls have improved a lot. Much more consistent to spin, speed and control. You can actually feel the ball compared to last year when i think it was really tough to control and inconsistent. Great job by HEAD i have to say. They have really put a lot of energy into producing a quality ball.

Apart from the amazing event in Indian Wells there has been some dark headlines for our sport the last weeks. Gambling, doping and bad behavior has been forefront in the news. Its nice to see that tennis is coming together and is acting no matter what. Thats the only way to mark an end of suspicions, false accusations and to protect the great image that past champions has created in tennis. We don’t want this kind of things associated with our sport. Well done tennis! Lets now focus on our lovely sport associated with fair play and good values that are attracting so many kids, fans and companies going forward.

*** Still not able to run because of my Patella Tendonit in my knee. Rehab still. Zurich marathon will be tough now:(.. But there is always something good in everything. Ive been able to work on my swimming for the last weeks and its slowly getting there:)

*** Swedish players Fred Simonsson and Isak Arvidsson won the doubles in Jonkoping Challenger. Well done! That shows how important it is to have tournaments in Sweden! The only thing i didn’t like was that a main draw WC was given to a foreign player when we actually had many Swedish alternatives.

*** Played my first round of golf in a while as well. So much fun with my friend Johan! Its like a poison. Just want to have more:)


Have a nice week you all!



Food for friday thoughts

Givers often gets to receive. Share a lot and receive multiple back.

I know now how little i know.

Let yourself be vulnerable in order to find strength.

Internet is a great place to search for information but be careful with sourcing the information you consume. Be critical. Its all about results in the end. Seek knowledge from the evidence based work with players. AND, always believe in yourself. Seek knowledge and look around but trust your principles.

Always focus on saving energy before spending it.

Teach skills not drills.

We cannot live only for ourselves.

As a coach or a player, Do the grunt work that really matters. Get your hands dirty. Roll up your sleeves. You don’t start in the company as a CEO. Earn the right to move up the rankings.

Have a nice weekend friends!



IW update 

Had a few good days together on the court with Stan in Indian Wells. He is now playing in Madison Square Garden tomorrow night and will be back for training again on wednesday. I will stay around in Indian Wells. Looking forward to see my friend Johan Örtegren who is in the coaching team working with Grigor Dimitrov. 

Good health session this monday morning also. Taking wobbly strokes in the pool with some small improvements. First 1000m in 26 minutes. Last 500m mixed intervals. 100m swimdown. Total 1600m. Beautiful 50m pool. 

 Have a nice day you all! 


Indian Wells

Hi all,

On my way over to Indian Wells. Thought i write a few words about that amazing event.

If you ever want to visit a great FAN friendly first class tennis event, go visit the Indian Wells tournament. All players are really looking forward to come here every year. Incredible experiance really. The weather is just perfect for both fans and players. Not to hot and not humid at all. The only thing that sometimes takes a bit of time to get used to for the players is the fact that the ball is traveling very fast in the air in the desert and its sometimes tough to control.

The scenery is amazing with the mountains in the back of the tennis courts at Indian Wells Tennis Gardens. Its picture perfect really. If you are a golf fan you will also find hundreds of nice golf courses that really lights up the landscape.  Its very peaceful community out in the desert and you will find a range of different hotels and resorts within a short drive from the Indian Wells tennis garden, where the tournament is hosted.


The site is really laid out on quite a big area. 4-5 show courts outside where the seeded players are playing as well as a stadium court 1 (above picture) and a new Stadium court 2. Plenty of practice courts where the players are also training. Its very easy to get access to the training courts. There is also a little gap between the tournament in Indian Wells to the next one in Miami. The gap is not long enough for players to travel home so many players that loose early will just stay around in Indian Wells and practice for a few days before heading down to Miami. So there are many chances to see players up close in training. There is also hawk eye on all match courts.

You will find a big tennis plaza where you can shop for the latest tennis gears just outside the stadium court. You can also test your serve speed and do a bunch of cool things around the courts.

As always in the US there is no shortage of restaurants and places to get a drink. A big bonus is the Nobu restaurant ON SITE overlooking the new Stadium 2 court (below).


You can actually watch tennis while sipping on a beer eating your your Rock shrimp tempura. How about that for a treat!! And, the lines are not to big! You can actually get a seat here even on a crowdy day which does not happen in many places. The city of Palm Springs also hosts some really nice restaurants if you decide to go for a night out.

Tired of the tennis and fancy some shopping for a day there is an amazing outlet 45 min drive from Indian Wells called the Cabazon outlet. Its really worth going for a day or at least 1/2 day.

Palm Springs in the closest airport to Indian Wells. You can reach Palm Springs going through LA International airport, which is just a short 20 min flight away. You can also drive from LA which takes about 3 h depending on the traffic off course. This time around I’m connecting through Amsterdam and San Fransisco to Palm Springs but i have also been driving before.

*** Good luck to all participants in the Swedish long distance (90 km) cross country race Vasaloppet. Always the first Sunday in March. Special good luck to my dad racing again 66 years old.

*** Cool that 4 out of 5 players from the original Team Bactiguard has made the Swedish Davis Cup Team.

Hope i will see you out in Indian Wells this year!



“Thats impossible, you can never do that”

Hi all,

Super Tuesday today. Only a few days left at home before a new work trip to Indian Wells and Miami. Many things that needs to be fixed before departure and the fact that I’ve been sick haven’t helped. Today i had 2 really nice meetings in the city. First i met with Ulrika from Bactiguard who is our team partner at Good to Great Tennis Academy. Bactiguard is a innovation company within med tech from Sweden. Bactiguard is offerring a solution that prevents hospital accosiated infections, reduces the use of antibiotics, spread of multi-resistent bacterias and most importantly Bactiguard saves lives. The company is listed on the Swedish stock market.

Just after that i had a meeting with the team at United Influencers. UI is the company I’m writing this blog for. Its a new company with great ambitions. Im happy to be involved and to follow their work.


Its really exciting to follow the  entrepreneurial spirit in the companies. Im fact when i think about it I’m probably the guy that likes the journey. I like to be behind David in David vs Goliath. I like to be behind people that are not doing so well or struggling. I like to help them beat the odds and to help people in general. To change peoples lives. Probably effects on the fact I’m born and raised in a very small city in Sweden where i always had to fight against the odds. Not many believed in me when i was younger. I had a strange accent. I was shy. Never had a professional coach until i was 13-14 years old (my dad was always there). But, love proving people wrong. I think the worst thing you can say to me is “Thats impossible, you can never do that”. Well well. I love this entrepreneurs anyway.

*** Lovely surprise to see Adam Heinonen from Växjo doing well in the Swedish TE events!

*** Big good luck to the Swedish Davis Cup team playing Russia this weekend

*** Semis of the Swedish bandy play offs starting this Thursday. Sandviken vs Västerås and Bollnäs vs Villa.

*** Still patella tendinitis in my knee. Haven’t been able to run in 3 weeks:(.. Anyone knows a miracle rehab or something please inbox me:)?

So long. Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Last full week in Sweden for a while

Hi you all,

I hope that your week is going well. I had a busy week at the academy and with the family. The kids have been sick (as many kids are in February in Sweden) and i also got some virus on Thursday again. This month has been a disaster when it comes to my health. Problem with my patella tendon has forced me to rest from running and at the same time I’ve been sick 2 times now. Hope it will be better next month when I’m leaving for Indian Wells and Miami.

Yesterday i was sick and the kids as well. We were home the whole day. We made a fire down by the sea and had lunch down there as well. Beautiful really. Those are the small things you miss when you travel.


As i wrote in my last blogpost I’ve been working with junior players Borna Dewald and Rikard Rååd from Sweden this week. Been on court with them and their coaches. A really good week together and we will keep going Friday and Saturday as well. We did quite a few quality hours on court and also had enough recovery time in between sessions. Thank you Viktor Tuurala, fitness coach at Good to Great Tennis Academy, for your time with us as well. Thank you to Starwing Management Team for the opportunity to work with Borna and his coach for a week and good luck in the U14 Tennis Europe event next week in Stockholm. A great event by the way. Make sure to catch the live streaming!

Also had the opportunity and honour to sit down with the CEO of Good to Great, Mikael Stripple, and speak about player development during the week. Im not in the daily operations of the academy today so its so nice to sit down and get updated on everything. Before we know it we will have the new center in place and that opens up many new possibilities off course. We will be able to host more players that are looking for a place to train long- or shortterm in the north of Europe. We will also be able to work with new segments of players as well as create new events. It will create new possibilities for tennis in this part of the world.

As soon as we will open the application for players i will let you know off course. We will most likely also hire more coaches to work with different segments and i will let you know about the application process for this as well off course.

As i said I’m also doing my last few days back in Sweden for a while. Will travel to US at the end of next week. Always many things to fix before you leave home for a while. First and foremost i wanna spend as much time with my daughters as i can. But then there is also things around the house to fix as well as other logistic issues as the bank etc etc. Well, i guess you all know the routine.

*** Daniel Brands and his coach Luca moving in quarters in Cherbourg ATP challenger.

*** Stan in semis in Dubai ATP 1000.

*** We need a governing body in Swedish Tennis with stability, knowledge, experiance and resources (most human) to support the players and coaches where its needed. Bottom up perspective and not the other way around. We can’t afford to spend time on chaos in the boardroom. We are better then this. Kom igen nu!

*** There is a new ATP Challenger in 2 weeks in Jonkoping, Sweden. First in a while in Sweden. Made possible by a private entrepreneur. Impressive! Good luck and wish i could be there! Our partner Bactiguard will host a night for its investors there as well.

Have a great Friday out there.

Later, Magnus