Last full week in Sweden for a while

Hi you all,

I hope that your week is going well. I had a busy week at the academy and with the family. The kids have been sick (as many kids are in February in Sweden) and i also got some virus on Thursday again. This month has been a disaster when it comes to my health. Problem with my patella tendon has forced me to rest from running and at the same time I’ve been sick 2 times now. Hope it will be better next month when I’m leaving for Indian Wells and Miami.

Yesterday i was sick and the kids as well. We were home the whole day. We made a fire down by the sea and had lunch down there as well. Beautiful really. Those are the small things you miss when you travel.


As i wrote in my last blogpost I’ve been working with junior players Borna Dewald and Rikard Rååd from Sweden this week. Been on court with them and their coaches. A really good week together and we will keep going Friday and Saturday as well. We did quite a few quality hours on court and also had enough recovery time in between sessions. Thank you Viktor Tuurala, fitness coach at Good to Great Tennis Academy, for your time with us as well. Thank you to Starwing Management Team for the opportunity to work with Borna and his coach for a week and good luck in the U14 Tennis Europe event next week in Stockholm. A great event by the way. Make sure to catch the live streaming!

Also had the opportunity and honour to sit down with the CEO of Good to Great, Mikael Stripple, and speak about player development during the week. Im not in the daily operations of the academy today so its so nice to sit down and get updated on everything. Before we know it we will have the new center in place and that opens up many new possibilities off course. We will be able to host more players that are looking for a place to train long- or shortterm in the north of Europe. We will also be able to work with new segments of players as well as create new events. It will create new possibilities for tennis in this part of the world.

As soon as we will open the application for players i will let you know off course. We will most likely also hire more coaches to work with different segments and i will let you know about the application process for this as well off course.

As i said I’m also doing my last few days back in Sweden for a while. Will travel to US at the end of next week. Always many things to fix before you leave home for a while. First and foremost i wanna spend as much time with my daughters as i can. But then there is also things around the house to fix as well as other logistic issues as the bank etc etc. Well, i guess you all know the routine.

*** Daniel Brands and his coach Luca moving in quarters in Cherbourg ATP challenger.

*** Stan in semis in Dubai ATP 1000.

*** We need a governing body in Swedish Tennis with stability, knowledge, experiance and resources (most human) to support the players and coaches where its needed. Bottom up perspective and not the other way around. We can’t afford to spend time on chaos in the boardroom. We are better then this. Kom igen nu!

*** There is a new ATP Challenger in 2 weeks in Jonkoping, Sweden. First in a while in Sweden. Made possible by a private entrepreneur. Impressive! Good luck and wish i could be there! Our partner Bactiguard will host a night for its investors there as well.

Have a great Friday out there.

Later, Magnus


A week at the academy

Spending the week at Good to Great Tennis Academy again this week. This week im working with Borna Dewald from Croatia and his personal coach Ivan, as well as Rikard Rååd from Sweden and his coaches from the academy Martin Öhrman and Robin Brage. After many years coaching i really like working in a team like that. In the beginning i was not really used to it and I’m sure i was perhaps stepping on the personal coaches feet a few times without thinking twice. Only due to not enough experience. Today i have a much deeper understanding on how to work with the player and the coach together. You really need an understanding about the background before you start working together. What are the player working on. What are his weakness and strengths. How is his mentality etc. At the same time you wanna give inputs on what you see with your own eyes, but today i know that it is much better if I’m communicating with the coach more then the player itself. If you connect the right way you can excel quite good when having the opportunity to work like that. You can share things you see the player if the interaction is the right. Today we have a great day lined up for the boys also integrating the fitness coach Viktor in the session in the morning.

Picture from the gym in the academy

We had a group of players playing the Brittish Futures last weeks. The report is really not nice to hear. Minimal amount of practice courts if any at all. The price for accommodation was around 70 punds per night or 55 pounds for sharing the room. You have to be there around 8-9 days with preparation. Then you also have to eat. The winner cashed in a little bit over 1000 pound for the win BEFORE tax was deducted. Its not a holistic situation really. I heard stories about players that brought the bags to the tennis center just in case they lost so that they could fly out straight away before if they lost. 

The tennis family need to act on the grassroots. Its a great start to raise the prize money at Future level a little bit but more needs to be done.

*** Stan is playing Dubai this week. Up against Stakhovsky, again! Tough draw. Will try to watch in tuesday night.

Have a great week!



Food for friday thoughts

Coach the complete athlete – the 24-hour athlete. CARE about him/her also outside the tennis complex.

Build the Complete Athlete – All systems work together – Integrate don’t isolate. The world and the tennisplayers/athletes are 3-dimensional.

Treat defeat as a learning process but dont hide behind the quote. Its about results!

Some people dream of success while others people wake up and work hard at it (my favorite that i read 25 years ago and still is top of mind)

Choose your words carefully. Listen when spoken to.


In todays top sport SPEED is king. Look at top tennis today compared to only 10 years ago. Its a massive difference in speed. Quality of the movement is massive important to success.

Be a leader not a boss.

Communication is key. Get to know your athlete. Coach the people not the player.

Create the independent athlete who needs you less and less (stupid business model i know).

As a tenniscoach make sure to MOVE. We stand about the tennis court countless hours when coaching (its equal bad as just sitting on a chair). Make sure to make space in your agenda to move. 

Have a nice weekend everyone!




It would be a great challenge to do a Triathlon one day. Not the full one but a half Ironman would be a great personal challenge. Endurance Sports suits my age,body and life well.  Taking my first wobbly steps in the pool..


*** Stan won his first round in Marseille
*** A lot of players skipping Davis Cup and FED Cup this Olympic year. Smart moves. Impossible to play all.


Marseille and Delray Beach ATP world tour events

A new week is knocking on the door. In the word of mens tennis we have Marseille and Delray Beach coming up. Two completely different tournaments and two amazing events. Open 13 in Marseille in the south of France with its unique center court and vibrant crowd. Played there a few times myself and also coached there a few years and there is always a great crowd as in many tournaments in France. In Marseille there are quite a few restaurants and bars on site and as the matches are scheduled rather late there is always a great atmosphere around the site. Stan is playing his first event since Australia in Marseille. Really looking forward to it. Yannick is there to work with Stan.

Delray Beach Tennis Center is also a tennis venue at the beach. It is an outside event with different feel to it then the one in Marseille. I was there as a spectator last year with my family and i was went there as a spectator when Sweden played USA in Davis Cup 2004. I was injured but wanted to support the guys in the team so i paid my own ticket and went there. Unfortunately for Sweden Andy Roddick was on fire and we lost the tie. Its a nice event to visit as you can walk to different hotels and restaurants along the Atlantic Avenue as well as to the beach. For running nerds like myself its also paradise:)

Picture from Delray Beach Tennis Center
Picture from Delray Beach Tennis Center

This week there is also a third ATP world tour event in Rio. As i have never been there at that event i can’t write about it but I’m sure it will be a good event. Its an amazing city and the entry list sure looks really good!

Enjoy the week on the ATP world tour guys!


A week at the academy

Excited to have spent a week back at the academy again. Im proud of the whole coaching team there and i always get very inspired when im in the environment out there.

I have been on the court with Luca and Daniel as they are preparing for Marseille ATP and Cherbourg Challenger. Daniel is ranked 127 at the moment and i feel like he has put himself in a position to play well in the upcoming months. Luca and him is very dedicated and professional.


There is a lot of things happening to the academy now with the development of the new sports facilities just outside Stockholm. Nicklas Kulti is the project manager for the center and he is doing a great job with that. The objective is that our new facilities will be ready 2017.

The academy also have a new CEO in Mikael Stripple. A very humble man who has a very impressive CV. He has worked in tennis for so long. College in the US, Head of the Federation, worked in a club and at the highest ATP tour level as a coach for Thomas Enqvist. Very impressive resume indeed. Respect and feels great to have his expertise involved going forward. There are a lot of new things/projects planned in the new center and he has all the knowledge to do a great job with that.

Bandy season is over for me as well. Little bit sad but that how it is. Last match for me played on Wednesday. We played Huddinge and happy that i didn’t end up with a concussion and a scar in my face as i did the last time we played them:) Haha.. Scars will go away but points will stay, as a teammate expressed!

Off to a meeting with the new CEO of Good to Great now. Hope you will have a nice Friday!


Fat tuesday

Love traditions and today is one of my favourite days of the year in Sweden. Fat Tuesday. The day when we dont think about nutrition,eating clean or looking good. Its accepted to put all that aside and just BE. We have the tradition on eating something called “Semla” on fat Tuesday. White bread,cream and marzipan mixed in something that looks like a burger. Love it! The picture is taken from the office at Good to Great where we also celebrated the nomination for our girls in the Swedish FED cup team at the same time.

You gotta try a Semla if you are in Sweden



Hi all,

Hope you are having a good and relaxing weekend!

I know its been around for some years now and its nothing new, but i like the Foamroller so much that i have to share it with you. I like it as a tool for recovery as well as warm up. It basically does many things that a physio can do (not all) for someone that can’t afford to have one there all the time. I wish it was around when i was active. I use it a lot these days. For the last few weeks i have been having problems with a tight IT band and its been hurting my knee when running. I haven’t been able to run in a while but i feel like using the Foamroller as a way of recovery has really taken some of the tightness away a bit. I don’t want to say its a pleasure to use it but it really helps.


Next week i will be working at the Good to Great Academy a little bit as Daniel Brands is visiting for training. As you might know I’m helping Daniel and his coach Luca whenever i can.

I will also try to spend as much time as i can with my family. Wednesday evening is as always booked for bandy in the winter! One of the best games to play on this planet if you ask me:). I will try to share some pictures from this Wednesdays game so you know how it looks.

Have a nice week everyone!


Put on your own mask before helping others

Back in Sweden again after a few weeks in Australia. I love traveling. Could not live without it as it runs in my blood from a very young age. One of the best things with traveling however is coming home after a few weeks on the road. I really appreciate what i have at home more when i travel. Sounds weird right but thats a fact for me. I love the changes in life. I never think i will be able to stay at the same place forever without moving. Love the different cultures, the struggles, meeting new people as well as seeing new places. But to come home these days gives me a huge satisfaction and a calmness.

My priorities when I’m home these days is my 2 kids and my family. For a few years i didn’t really make those priorities and i wasn’t really feeling great about it. I was always putting myself last. I had no energy left in my tank for friends and my family. I gained weight as a result of not living a healthy substainable life really. I felt that i needed to change my habits a bit in order to be able to keep doing what i doing over time. Today my priority when I’m home is my family and my own health and well being. Im proud about the changes i made. It has made me realize that it increased my chances to keep doing what I’m doing, with substained energy, for much longer time. Just the luxury to be able to drop off and collect the kids from kindergarten is amazing and gives me so much back. I feel like I’m a better father and a better person to be around for Linda at home and I hope i can have the possibility to work with athletes and player development for as long as i physically and mentally can. I will however always make sure i have a little time for my own well being as well.

Im also very blessed to have a great team around me as well as a great player that really cares about his team. Exactly a year ago, as an example, i had a few weeks off and took my family on a trip to catch up on time together. It was extremely valuable for us as a family. However not all players are like that. Not many people care about the coaches and how they are holding up. Many coaches work long hours. Weekends. Early mornings. Late nights. And they get almost zero credit. Specially working with younger players. My advice is to think about your health in the first place. Before everything else. Even if its just for a little while every day i encourage you to make that investment for your career. You will be a better coach and you will be able to give more to your players for a longer period of time. And you will feel better on top of everything!

Its a little bit like the flight attendants will instruct us on the airplanes before take off and in case of an emergency landing ”Please put on your own mask before helping others”.

Have a nice Thursday you all!!


Guidelines in your work

At the Good to Great Tennis Academy we have created a document that we call the Good to Great model for player development. Its a living document that all coaches has created together. Its basic principles that we think its important to have in mind when working with player development. We made the dokument having younger players in mind,but it can also be tweaked to use at more developed players. Our strong belief is that all coaches have their own way of working with players. They should. But we think that it can be good for us coaches to have guidelines and some references in our work. It allows us to have a better understanding and better odds to make the right decisions along the way. It allows us to invest our time and recourses the right way because there is no single pathway to success in sport. I think we all can agree on that?

GTG korg

Here are some of the most important points for us in our model and perhaps you can find some inspiration and create something similar at your tennis club, academy or for yourself if you work alone. Its a template but its up to each individual/coach to make the effort to produce its own content. It makes no sense to copy someone else and with respect to Good to Great Tennis Academy i will not publicize the content of the Good to Great model. Here are the important points that could perhaps work as an inspiration.

The coach
– What defines a good coach
– Substainability. How to be able to work long term with the same energy as a coach

The player
– Principles in modern tennis on mens and women side
– What defines a successful athelete
– Coach the person not the player

The training
– How much in different ages
– The environment
– Effective training
– Periodisation
– Different drills in relation to modern tennis

Hope you will all have a great week!