Put on your own mask before helping others

Back in Sweden again after a few weeks in Australia. I love traveling. Could not live without it as it runs in my blood from a very young age. One of the best things with traveling however is coming home after a few weeks on the road. I really appreciate what i have at home more when i travel. Sounds weird right but thats a fact for me. I love the changes in life. I never think i will be able to stay at the same place forever without moving. Love the different cultures, the struggles, meeting new people as well as seeing new places. But to come home these days gives me a huge satisfaction and a calmness.

My priorities when I’m home these days is my 2 kids and my family. For a few years i didn’t really make those priorities and i wasn’t really feeling great about it. I was always putting myself last. I had no energy left in my tank for friends and my family. I gained weight as a result of not living a healthy substainable life really. I felt that i needed to change my habits a bit in order to be able to keep doing what i doing over time. Today my priority when I’m home is my family and my own health and well being. Im proud about the changes i made. It has made me realize that it increased my chances to keep doing what I’m doing, with substained energy, for much longer time. Just the luxury to be able to drop off and collect the kids from kindergarten is amazing and gives me so much back. I feel like I’m a better father and a better person to be around for Linda at home and I hope i can have the possibility to work with athletes and player development for as long as i physically and mentally can. I will however always make sure i have a little time for my own well being as well.

Im also very blessed to have a great team around me as well as a great player that really cares about his team. Exactly a year ago, as an example, i had a few weeks off and took my family on a trip to catch up on time together. It was extremely valuable for us as a family. However not all players are like that. Not many people care about the coaches and how they are holding up. Many coaches work long hours. Weekends. Early mornings. Late nights. And they get almost zero credit. Specially working with younger players. My advice is to think about your health in the first place. Before everything else. Even if its just for a little while every day i encourage you to make that investment for your career. You will be a better coach and you will be able to give more to your players for a longer period of time. And you will feel better on top of everything!

Its a little bit like the flight attendants will instruct us on the airplanes before take off and in case of an emergency landing ”Please put on your own mask before helping others”.

Have a nice Thursday you all!!


Guidelines in your work

At the Good to Great Tennis Academy we have created a document that we call the Good to Great model for player development. Its a living document that all coaches has created together. Its basic principles that we think its important to have in mind when working with player development. We made the dokument having younger players in mind,but it can also be tweaked to use at more developed players. Our strong belief is that all coaches have their own way of working with players. They should. But we think that it can be good for us coaches to have guidelines and some references in our work. It allows us to have a better understanding and better odds to make the right decisions along the way. It allows us to invest our time and recourses the right way because there is no single pathway to success in sport. I think we all can agree on that?

GTG korg

Here are some of the most important points for us in our model and perhaps you can find some inspiration and create something similar at your tennis club, academy or for yourself if you work alone. Its a template but its up to each individual/coach to make the effort to produce its own content. It makes no sense to copy someone else and with respect to Good to Great Tennis Academy i will not publicize the content of the Good to Great model. Here are the important points that could perhaps work as an inspiration.

The coach
– What defines a good coach
– Substainability. How to be able to work long term with the same energy as a coach

The player
– Principles in modern tennis on mens and women side
– What defines a successful athelete
– Coach the person not the player

The training
– How much in different ages
– The environment
– Effective training
– Periodisation
– Different drills in relation to modern tennis

Hope you will all have a great week!


Food for friday thoughts

Take what you do seriously but dont take yourself to seriously.

To share is the most unselfish thing we can do. What would we be today without sharing.

To be a coach is a little bit like beeing a doctor. Whats beeing said between you and your player should stay between you and your player. Its about trust. To break that trust either during or after you have worked together is disrespectful. 

Im definitely PRO doing multiple sports when you are younger. Early specialization is not to recommend. Let our kids be kids!

Its not about what you say. Its about what you do.

Every exercise is a test. Every test is an exercise.

We as humans have 2 ears and 2 eyes but we only have 1 mouth. That means that we are supposed to listen and observe twice as much as we speak.

Everybody wants to be famous today. Not many wants to work hard.


Maccas Legends with Enqvist

Had a few really special and for me unusual days here in Melbourne. Never thought i was gonna get a chance to get back on those courts again playing. I had a great time. A little bit rusty and didn’t know what to expect in our first game but after a while it got better. Thanks to Tennis Australia for the invitation to the Maccas Legends and thanks Thomas Enqvist for playing with me. It was always so much fun playing with you on tour and also this time!

A lot of things written in media last days about corruption in tennis. Tennis is acting strongly and fast. Seems like our sport have a very good and strong governing body right now and thats very good. Our sport has such great values created in the history of the game. Values like fair play, respect and fighting spirit has been created by all ex players. In my humble opinion our sport needs to be careful and respect the brand that tennis has build over the years. The sponsors of our sport wants to be associated with this brand. Our fans buy tickets for these values. Its great to see our sport act so strongly against these accusations.

Have a nice day everyone and enjoy the semifinals from Australia!!


4th round in Melbourne

Monday and start of the second week in the first Grand Slam of the year. Stan was up against Milos Roanic. A very tough opponent with Good confidence as he also won Brisbane a few weeks back beating Federer in the final. We had a good hit this morning with Thomas Enqvist. Milos came out and played really well the first 2 sets before Stan started a nice comeback winning the following 2 sets. Felt good going in to the fifth set but it was not to be today. Proud of the fighting spirit however. We gave all we had in the tank this week. Hats off to Milos and his team for a great match.  Respect.  

Still happy with the start to this year. Already won a tournament and playing good tennis. Next tournament Marseille for our team. Cant wait to be back. 

*** I will stick around a few more days for the legends doubles before heading back home. Nice to spend some time with my former playing collegues. 

Have a nice week you all!


Rain in Melbourne

I love Melbourne. When i get asked the question “What is your favourite stop on the tennis year”? My response would often be Melbourne or New York. Love Melbourne for its architecture,its active way of outside living,the many small cafes and restaurants and so much more. Normally its really really hot for the Australian Open but this year its been raining quite a lot. As far as the tennis concerned we are ok as the Australian Open have 3 courts with roof on,amazing really. We know that the weather could change quickly here so lets see what the next days will bring.

Stan had a good day in the office on saturday beating Rosol in 3 sets on Rod Laver arena. Stans 400th win on the professional tour. Very happy to be in the forth round here and a great start to the year. 

*** 6-7 pages in every newspaper about the “summer of tennis” in Australia. Love it! 

*** If im trying to find something not so good (had to try hard) about the Australian Open and Melbourne Park it would be the fact that there are cameras everywhere also inside in the players areas. Big brother warning.

*** Peter Carlsson is in South America on ITF tournaments with a group of players from Good to Great Tennis Academy. The Swedish players are part of Team Catella. Catella fund management has been part of Swedish Tennis for so many years. Love their long term commitments even when things has not been going so well. Its easy to shine when things go well but to support also in tough times is what i call a real partner! 

Hope your weekend is great and relaxing in many ways!


Stan in straight set

Great match by Stan tonight out on Hisense arena. He lost serve in the third set but managed to break again straight and served it out for a straight set win vs R Stepanek. Happy with the performance. Next up is always dangerous L Rosol. Looking forward to a day off tomorrow with some light training.


Former world number one L Hewitt played his last match tonight at home in Melbourne. What a great night to end your career in front of a sold out home crowd. Not all players or athletes can have that opportunity. I played against Lleyton a few times and one thing was for sure when you were up against him, you were up for a real fight, it was gonna be intense and it was gonna hurt.


*** Great to have captain Seve sitting next to me today again for the match.

*** Build up for the Zurich marathon has started. No long runs yet but building km slowly

*** Happy to hear the results from Team Catella in South America. The coaches at Good to Great Tennis Academy doing an amazing job for Swedish Tennis

Have a great day everyone!


What an attitude!

Nice to get that first round out of the way even if it was not the way we wanted it to be in the end. Never happy when an opponent is injured. I’ve personally had enough injuries myself throughout my career and I know how hard it is both physically and mentally. Wish D Tursunov a speedy recovery.  

*** What a match from Verdasco! Wow! But still amazed by the level of Nadal and how good you have to play to beat him. People talk about him like he is done and he is number 5 in the world!!?? Amazing level and attitude to his sport

*** Johanna won first round. Well done!!


St Kilda beach run

If you visit Melbourne you might wanna try out the St Kilda area for a nice workout. St Kilda is the most famous beach in Melbourne. Not very far off downtown. There are off course different roads going down to St Kilda beach depending on where you are staying. You can choose to take the local tram or just run down to the beach. As we are staying in the city most of the times we are in Melbourne (close to Melbourne park) i ran St Kilda road down towards St Kilda beach. Right after the Albert reserve teniscourts on your right (from the city going down to the beach) i sort of ran across the grass fields at Albert Park and found my way down to St Kilda beach.

There is a great running track along the beach on Beaconsfield parade in St Kilda. You will find nice shaded playgrounds for kids. Check out the Sandbar beach cafe right on the beach.

 There is also a really nice place to get a coffee or refreshing juice at the South Melbourne Life saving club on your way down towards Port of Melbourne.

  When you reach Port Melbourne there is a tramline running back to the city with a beautiful running/bicyclepath along the way connecting St Kilda beach with the city.


 Have a nice day everyone!


Zürich marathon

My 1st personal health goal 2016 will be the Zürich Marathon the 24 april. Starting the training slowly right now. One thing that i take with me from my last one in Oslo is that i will try to make 2-3 runs over 30 km this time. Easier said then done but thats my goal. Anyone out there who has been running Zürich or is running this year perhaps?