Zürich marathon

My 1st personal health goal 2016 will be the Zürich Marathon the 24 april. Starting the training slowly right now. One thing that i take with me from my last one in Oslo is that i will try to make 2-3 runs over 30 km this time. Easier said then done but thats my goal. Anyone out there who has been running Zürich or is running this year perhaps?


The day before Grand Slam

Sunday morning practise in Melbourne. The day before the start of a Grand Slam. Tapering time. Was hitting on the Margereth Court Arena today. Beautiful and the roof is also finnished this year. We gonna see some epic battles here over the years im sure.  

*** 3 courts with night session here. Amazing!!

*** Daniel Brands qualified. Happy for him and his Coach Luca

*** Weather supposed to be warm for the start of the tournament 



Saturday morning

Nice run along the Yarra River this morning with fitness coach Allistar McCaw. Great and healthy way to start the weekend.  

*** Surprised to hear that Mikael Ymer got sacked from the Swedish Olympic program. He is a very nice young man that always brings his best.

*** Supposed to be warm again next week here. 36-37 degrees.

*** Happy for my friend Johan that is in the final in Sydney with Grigor Dimitrov

*** Daniel Brands playing last round of Q here in Melbourne today with coach Luca

Have a nice weekend you all!!


Tips to Australian Open

If you are a tennisfan you really have to visit the Australian Open at least one time in your life. What makes Australia unique in january for us Europeans is obviously the weather but there are so much more to this Grand Slam then just the amazing weather.

The continued improvements

Australian Open is really the Grand Slam for the fans. Every year i see different upgrades to the event for the fans. It can be bigger outside courts with more seating for the spectators, it can be more shade for the crowds, a new bar, free entrance to a big arena and so on. Melbourne Park, the name of the venue, is really sizzling this time of the year.


What makes the Australian Open unique in comparison to the other Grand Slams is also the location. It is walking distance from downtown Melbourne. A walk that is not only short but so sweet along the Yarra river as well. Stop for a coffee along the way or eat in any of the amazing restaurants in the city. There are numerous hotels in the city.

Favourite run

Australians are really active people. They love to exercise. One of my favourite runs is for sure along the Yarra river. You cant miss that when in Melbourne. You can start basically anywhere and run on both sides all the way from the city down to Kooyong (where they use to play the Australian Open in the past) if you are doing a long run. Watch out for bikes as there are many people that commute via bike from the suburbs in to the city. You will have big bike paths running in both directions on both sides of the river but make sure to stay alert anyway in corners or when running under bridges with limited visibility. Remember the left side traffic in Australia, that goes also for the bike paths. A really nice bonus is to watch all the rowers training in the Yarra river.

Another really good one with more hills is to run in the Royal Botanic Garden. Its on the opposite side of the Melbourne Park right in the city. You will have a lot of good runners doing speed training here along Alexandra avenue. The hill going up Anderson St from Alexandra Av is steep and will get your heart rate up.

Nice area outside downtown

A really nice area in Melbourne is South Yarra. I use to live there when i was playing. In the city you will find more high-rises but here on the other hand there is smaller buildings with cosy shops, restaurants and cafes. Walk along Chapel street and Toorak road. You will get a european feel here. The area is still only a 10 min drive from Melbourne park.

*** Happy about the win by Daniel Brands today

*** Bad luck Elias Ymer in the qualies

*** Rebecca Peterson from Team Catella in first round Q tomorrow. Good luck to her and coach Mart

Have a nice day and make that trip to Melbourne if you get the chance:)



Hi everyone and happy new year,

New year and new challenges ahead! Restarting my longer blog posts again. Kind of old school but I’ve missed writing longer posts and writing is a great way for me to relax and reflect. I’m really happy to restart again and this will be my third time around:). This time my blog will be here at United Influencers. Im really excited about it. The content will be the same for you that have read my blog a few years back. A big change is that I’m approaching 40 and have another view of life today. Maybe a bit more experience and definitely more knowledge about certain things.

I will write about my occupation and my life, tennis, offcourse. Will also write about Good to Great Tennis Academy and all the fantastic things we are doing there. We are really close to start building our own facilities during 2016 and that will be a great boost for the academy. I will keep you updated on that.

My big passion since very young has been training. I did take a very large amount of self responsibility for my career as a player when i was young and that way i did learn a lot about training at a young age. Its been a big part of my life and it always will be. Today i am an amateur marathon runner and its really more about health then performance for me personally.

As my occupation today takes me to many interesting destinations i also hope to cover that part a little bit. I expect the readers of the blog will be tennisfans, coaches, junior players and individuals interested in sports and travel. I intend to share and hope to inspire.

I will write most posts in English but occasional blogs will also be in Swedish when i feel that the subject is of local character.

Right now I’m in Australia for the first Grand Slam of the year. As you might know I’m in the coaching team that are working with Stan Wawrinka right now and this will be the start of our 4th year together. The start of the 2016 season was great in Chennai. Stan won his 3rd straight title there on Sunday hitting the ball well and moving great. I watched the final on TennisTV.com. Im sharing the tennis coaching duties in the team with Yannick Fattebert and for the last years Yannick has been with Stan the first few weeks of the year and its worked out really well. Yannick has his base in Switzerland and it has been great working together with Yannick for the last years. On top of knowing tennis very well he is a very relaxed and calm person and good friend with Stan.

Yannick with Stan

It is a busy year this year with the Olympics in Rio later this summer. The Olympics is something that all tennis players are really taking seriously. Its an important event for them. I hope to share many exciting moments with you all throughout the year. I hope to inspire so readers as i love to share.

Hope you will have a good week and see you soon!