I want to confirm the news today that me and Linda are separating after 13 years together. It feels tough but we remain friends and our main focus is for our kids to be happy.

Our separation is private, and we wish for your understanding and respect to not speak more about it.

Thanks for your understanding.



Jag vill med detta konfirmera dagens nyhet om att jag och Linda separerat efter 13 år tillsammans. Det känns såklart som ett misslyckande men vi förblir vänner och vårt fulla fokus är att våra barn ska få det så bra som möjligt.

Vår separation är privat och vi ämnar inte tala om det mer och hoppas på visad respekt.

Tack för visad hänsyn.



Time to reflect and set new goals

Whats up readers and followers!!??

Hope that you had a nice holiday and that the new year started well!

The holidays is a great time to spend time with the loved ones. A time for giving and sharing. A time for the joy of living. A time to love life and all its surprises. A time to reflect and set new goals. Are you happy? What makes you happy? Are you living the life you want? If not, what can you do to redirect your life to the path you want to travel? do you have your own road map on what you want to achieve? I certainly have.

When I summarize 2019 I have to say that It has been quite a tough year actually. Yes, not everything is great all the time! Not everything is perfect even if it looks like many people are living the perfect life without any problems at all. Carpe diem etc etc. Its all NOT perfect all the time lets be honest! And thats ok! As I personally measure the quality and happiness in my life my life very much on how I feel physically and how people around me feel and get treated, I must admit that 2019 has been a challenge. Its been stressful in many ways with deaths close to me, physical illness and just very much violence and broken promises in general. Upset with how the world in general and how my country Sweden specifically has developed. And on top of that, Stan did not win any titles during the year:)

There has been a massive change in the environment in Sweden. Killings, bombings, cars that are out in fire etc etc. Things that we have just seen on television before has now arrived in full power to Sweden. I can’t understand how people can be so cruel. Politicians who seems to just fight against each other instead of actually solving problems. Presidents who runs campaigns on Twitter. It’s all really crazy and a bit scary from my perspective.

It has also taken me 2019 to realize that there is not such thing as giving back to people that helped in todays environment. You grab whatever is best for you. Thats it. Don’t think about how you’re actions might make the other person feel. Money in front of your noose and you totally change whatever philosophy you had before. Use whatever is given to you without hesitations of caring for others. This has made me quite sad actually. Made me feel deflated and low of energy for a while. Thats why it has been so nice to see people help each other on big tragic events like the Australian fires.

Apart from that I personally also had fitness problems that put a hold on my ability to live the active life I want for some time. My many hours on the training ground, my injuries in my playing career together with a bike crash 2 years ago has been the reason to this. Offcourse that has influenced my mood as well and impacted the end of the year for me personally. It’s tough when you want to move and be active but your body physically don’t let you. A very strange feeling. But I’m not the guy that complains with everything thats going on around us at the moment. It would be very wrong.  There are people with much worse problems than I have, but for me its been tough and a life change.

Onwards and upwards from here on!! Really hope that 2020 will be trending in an upward spiral in all the aspects of life!!

Preseason was great together with Stan. We did some traveling and had many days together. The last 7 days in Monaco was very good and we stayed at the same place. Was hitting with Dimitrov, Medvedev and Goffin among others.

The competition has started on a good note! Spent the first week together with the team in Doha both on and off the court! Stan made semifinal in Doha. It was tough for us to play 2 matches back to back the same day. Specially when the first match started 5 pm. BUT thats not perhaps why we lost the match in the end. You have to deal with whatever is given to you and on this day our opponent was very strong. I want to take the positives from the week however. To start the year with a semifinal and a few matches is good.

The academy is starting to run more smoothly now. We start to get the hang of what we are doing. Everything from philosophies and routines. It takes time if you have high ambitions and standards! We have set new goals and a vision that is very appealing to all of us. We hope to be able to go through with all our plans in 2020.

Now I’m personally looking forward to a strong week of training in Melbourne before the first Grand Slam of the year starts! The ATP season looks more open than in many years! So many young players are knocking on the door. After a few years with less young really good players I feel that the generation coming through now is very strong. If you have been following me I wrote this a few years back. This generation feels quite strong and its a fantastic challenge for the more established players like Stan.

Hope you guys have started the year in fashion and looking forward to what the year has in store!



Trying to make the academy self sufficient within a few years.

Whats up everybody!

Last time I write a blogpost was just before the grass court season. A few months of a life span and I feel the need to reflect on the blog again. 

Stan made a great run at the US Open. Falling to Medvedev in the quarters with a taste of a bit more. Very happy with the nearly 3 weeks in the big apple. Unfortunately Stan got sick in the end of the tournament and had to pull out from St Petersburg, a tournament he loves and also the Asian swing because an injury to the foot. Now the focus is to be healthy for the last 3 events this year. Lets see how it goes.

Im very much looking forward to the end of the season and 2020 together with Stan and his team. 

The academy is going very well as a facility and as an academy. There are a lot of hard work behind the scenes and many people are doing an amazing job led by our Head of Sport, Mikael Tillström. Not many people realize what’s going on behind the scenes but its a constant work in all areas. The satisfaction is to create the best possible environment and to create possibilities for our players. The reward is off course to see the happiness when players are performing well. But it can also be an positive feedback from a parent or someone else. And it’s not about winning its about something much bigger than that.

Good to Great Tennis Academy is a proud sponsors to the Champions Bowl junior tournament where the world finals takes place in Umag, Croatia. This year we had a team of 4 players representing Sweden and the academy in the finals. Thanks to the players and their respective tennisclubs. Thanks to our coach Jens for planning and organizing.

Champions Bowl UMAG
Opening ceremony Champions Bowl

The fitness testing period is done for the fall. Great insights and I believe we have some of the best testing protocol for tennis together with Aim-X tennis. and 1080 Motion. We are testing power in all planes of motion as well as power endurance on court and mobility. All the thing that are important to tennis. Actually the testing and training protocol is available to all tennis players. Just get in touch with Aim-X and come to the academy. You don’t need to be training with Good to Great to enjoy this great stuff. Anyway, together with measuring training load I think we have a very good set ut on the fitness side trying to maximize performance and minimize injury.

We also started to work with a mental coach for the first time. It took some time to find the right fit but we really found what we are looking for and looking forward to grow this important side as well! We welcome mental coach Jon Hasselqvist to our development team.

The outside courts are now soon finished and they will be going strong in the beginning of the 2020 clay season. We are installing solar panels on the roof of the building generating our own energy from the sun trying to make the academy self sufficient within a few years.

Solar panels on Good to Great Tennis Academy

Another thing that we have developed over the last months is our own Livestream and Video on demand service on 5/7 indoor courts. We hope that this will help coaches in their work as well as a nice thing for parents to be able to watch match sessions. This device will be available to everyone playing in Catella Arena (the home of Good to Great Tennis Academy). Next step here is also to keep developing our own smart court. We think that this will be ready in a few weeks. The prototype promises perhaps the best system I’ve seen out there. Very user friendly and measuring the ball, the player and zones.

Few weeks ago week we were also organizing an ITF mens future in the academy. Busy week with the training going on at the same time. We also had a health and lifestyle lecture with Jonas Colting, PRO am and Studio Catella Open live on Facebook everyday next week!

Price ceremony Catella Open 2019

During the Catella Open we had an auction of the Stan Wawrinka 2019 US Open racket and match shirt. 100% of the money went to the Mikael Stripple Future Generation foundation.

Highest bid for Stans rackets. Stripple Future Generation

We had a Team at the Legends Cup in Mallorca. Coach Tomas Romera went with 2 girls and 2 boys. Thanks for the invitation and we hope to be back!

Team Good to Great at Legends Cup in Palma

Rebecca Peterson, Team Catella, won her first WTA titel together with her coach and father Mart and closing in on top 50. We are happy for you Beccs. We have been following Rebecca and her father from the sidelines for some time and been waiting for this moment to come.  The focus and dedication was always there. Battling through some tough injuries together with fitness coach Ali Ghelem but never lost motivation. Last 2 years we have been a bit more involved on court and we will for sure miss those tough sessions together in Järfälla, at the academy and like on the picture in Indian Wells this year. It was nice to break that top 100 together. Rebecca is now making her own career. With the addition of Thomas Hogstedt, as a coach and mentor in her team from now on, we are sure to have many successful moments in front of the TV and a continued rise to the top. A BIG thanks to partner Catella for making this journey possible!

With Rebecca and coach/father Mart in Indian Wells 2019

Well well, thats that about coaching. In the last few weeks Ive decided to put a hold of my Triathlon career for now. My knee knee needs a little bit of rest at the moment. All those hours of pounding the ball, twisting and turning. Starting and stopping has taken its toll. It started with the hip and now the knee has told me its time to rest a bit. Im going to go through a bit of pain and time to heal. But hopefully I will be back with some new personal challenges!

I wish you all the best for the upcoming autumn and winter.



Our core is in The development years

It’s been a tough few days for the academy. Life must go on however. Thats what Mikael would have told us and that what he told us when he got sick. He wanted to be treated the same way. We can only honour him and his family by making things great and keep having fun at the same time. Our thoughts will always be with Mikael and the Catella Arena (the name of the building where Good to Great Tennis Academy operates) was very much built with details from Mikael and with the experience in tennis that he had for so many year.

Over 10 years ago I personally started to dream about having a base where Swedish players and perhaps Scandinavian could come together and practice. Im a big believer in continuity. The long term dream was to have tennis, fitness and rehab under one roof. Futhermore a vision was also that the Swedish Tennis Federation would also use the facilities as its HQ for player development. To practice together and to compete together. And then come back to the base and practice more. I learned how to use Scatch Up and made my own models at night on how this might look like. Later I contacted a professional architecture and the rest is history. With the help of Mikael Tillström, Nicklas Kulti, Mikael Stripple, our advisory board and offcourse the investors a few of the dreams got realized. A few did not. 

10 years later we have our own facilities since a year and we have a good program. I feel like the players we have on a regular basis (not just occasionally) are getting better. No matter level. That will always be the goal.

I think we have had good success with players that has been with us on a regular basis in the development years (between 13/14 years of age up until 18 years of age). ITF number nr 1, junior Wimbledon singles finals, Tennis Europe number 1, Orange Bowl wins and finals, Grand Slam main draws and the list continues. Not just the results there and then, but I feel like we have been setting up a good solid base for what’s coming later in the PRO years. We have created solid platforms from where the players can grow in all aspects of the game later.

In some projects I feel like the player has left the development base a little bit too early, despite good results. Perhaps we have felt like we were not really ready with our work and had more to contribute before flying off on the big stage. But sometimes there is also pressure from external forces that are hard to guard against. Off-course its tough to see players leave. Some players you create a special bond with. They become like your son or your daughter and its tough to go separate ways. But the next second you have to tell yourself that this is life. Its time to take the next step. Im certainly proud of the long-term relationships that I have personally had with players on both the PRO tour and the players I’ve had in the academy. It means a lot.

We will never buy players or offer money to recruit players. First of all as a private company we could not afford that and second we don’t think this is the right model for the industry. We promise to do everything we can do help our players reach their dreams. I tell you that much. Every discussion around the table is about how we can become better. But our core principle is that we simply don’t do this. We don’t offer wild cards. We don’t offer money. We offer something else. It would, for sure, have been financially good to market myself as a coach of a 3 time grand slam champion or winning ATP coach of the year. BUT for me and the academy it’s not the right thing to go about business. Its not the principles of Good to Great Tennis Academy. AND winning Grand Slam titles does not entitle me to say im the best coach working in the development years. Coaches are good at different things. I certainly don’t have those skills as the coach working with 10 year olds. I think im decent working with players from 14-15 years of age and older. IF the are motivated to learn offcourse! If not- good night with my passion!

People have also asked us why we are also not acting as a management company for players so that we can actually MAKE money later on when they start competing for price-money? To be honest its been on the table at times when we have felt like we are doing the job and someone else is reaping the reward BUT soon we have comeback to why we started the academy, and that was to help with PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. We work together with many management companies and around many projects. We want to try to focus on the training and to nurture talents. Simplicity and focus. Too many business areas would take focus away from why we started. Our core. We want to be 100% independent. We work with all management agencies and we make no difference where the player comes from. We have 1 agenda and that is to make the player better.

What about French Open then? Well I can’t say anything else then that in super impressed about what Stan did in Paris. Sure we did not go all the way. Sure it hurts a bit being up 4-3 with a break in the third set in the quarters. But I look at the big picture and can’t be anything else than satisfied. Look at where Stan was 1 year ago.

Next up is the grass court season. Cant wait to be back at the green stuff. Different movement patterns. Different rallies. Different challenges. Also love the fact the Dani Vallverdu is joining the team. Stan is always looking to improve and this is just an example oh his ambition. On top of being a great coach Dani is also a super nice guy so very much looking forward to share thoughts. 

The show must go on folks. Take care of each other. Stay humble. Be positive. 



Its a struggle in my mind

Last time I wrote here was just before Acapulco where Stan made the quarters before falling to Kyrgios in 3 sets in the quarters. Nick went on to win the title.

The following US hardcourt season was ok for our team but off course we would have liked to have some better results. I was with Stan in Indian Wells  where we had 2 really hard fought wins before falling to Federer. He played simply too good. 

A quick turnaround to Monte Carlo where Stan had a solid win in the first round before falling in 3 sets in the second round. A tough loss as I felt he was hitting the ball well. He served for the match at 5-4 in the second set. 

Now we are recharging with hopefully a good week of training together with the whole team. Really looking forward to that. After the training week there are the Masters 1000 tournaments in Madrid and Rome where Yannick will be with Stan. 

If we look at the type on injury Stan had and the complex surgery that was carried out it is apparently a miracle that he is competing at this level again after speaking to a few doctors. We are happy with where we are but we want more off course.

During the last few weeks I have also been involved planning the Swedish coaches mentorship program as well. We had a full day at Good to Great Tennis Academy together with 14 coaches. Maria Strandlund Tomsvik is in charge of the program this year and she is doing a great job.

On court sessions

The day at the academy included talks from Johan Hedsberg, Ali Ghelem, Dejan Zlicar and myself. We also had sessions on the court and in the gym. I hope that the participants could bring something valuable with them back home. 

The coaches team

On that note I’m also happy to announce that I will be one of the speakers at the 2019 Tennis&Medicine conference in Stockholm. Enter through the website.

The academy is running well. Or actually I don’t know what the definition of a successful academy is. Is it the filling rate? Is it results by the players? It is satisfaction among employees? How should we define success? I don’t know. But what I do know is that it hurts in my stomach when players, that are in our program, is having a tough time and not getting the results they hope for. Or are not happy with what we do. That must mean something. We have been very late to announce the summer camps as there has been big uncertainty about the outdoor courts. Now we have a green light and the summer camps for competitive players will be at 4 different dates. You can find more information about the camps here

We hosted Champions Bowl Sweden for boys and girls 12 years old. A great weekend with many quality matches. The finalists will go all inclusive with Good to Great Tennis Academy to the world finals in Umag Croatia. 

The finalists of Champions Bowl Sweden

On a more personal development note my philosophy is to keep learning. Keep improving and keep looking forward. Whats my next step? How can I help my players better? What can I change? What do I need to improve? What do I need to do when getting older to stay healthy and ”on my toes”? One reflection that I have made is that I have been on a tennis court since 10 years old. As a coach and before as a player. It takes energy. Left everything out there. Sometimes more than what’s been healthy for me. I realize that I love helping others. It fits my personality better than actually playing. Im trying to wrap my head around how I can save energy to help others with passion and stay involved for many more years as I love what I do. Perhaps a smart move would be to redirect my focus away from from day to day coaching and interaction with athletes 365 days of the year, to coaching coaches and consulting with players and help development that way. It is a struggle in my mind still however as my passion is to see the daily grind. To have the fingers involved in all the details. To see people and players grow their game and develop day to day and week to week. But perhaps it might be a smart move keep my mind fresh and to be able to stay involved with passion for the rest of my life. Im just not interested in just coaching for the sake of coaching. I need projects to stay passionate. It gets me going. The future will see what life has in store. Anyway. Enough about tennis:)

My hobby Triathlon? Yes, actually did my first race of the season on Sunday in Cannes International Triathlon. The race was a 2000m swim-110 km bike-16 km run race. Mass start and Australian exit for the first time in my life. I ended up in 6h4min after a very tough bike.

Im quite happy with the race. Despite Arthritis in the knee and the fact that I haven’t been able to practice a lot of hours because of work etc I must say I was quite satisfied finishing the race. Thanks to PT and Naprapath, Louise Svaton, for helping me with my knee. Next races will be some local races in Sweden when time allows and if the knee allows. 

Hope you guys will enjoy the clay court season. I will keep you updated from our camp.



A game plan for life

Im sitting at the hotel in Acapulco right now. Preparing for the tournament here with Stan and looking back at a hectic but constructive period back home. Its superhot here in Acapulco. Matches starts at 4 pm. Last time I was here was 2002 and back then the tournament was a clay court event. Lost to Mariano Zabaleta in my second round.

26 Feb 2002 Credit: Craig Jones/Getty Images

I take the time to reflect once in a while and write this blog. It’s an investment for me. I hope it’s also entertaining for readers.

Spent the time between Australia and Acapulco stationed on the court at Good to Great Tennis Academy. It takes me about 45 minutes to get to the academy in the mornings. Early mornings has never been a problem for me. I use to be there at around 8 am after a morning work out. Apart from the work on court we are also running a facility now and a team of coaches. My main focus this time around outside the court has been to build up a complete new way of structuring and planning the fitness training. It has taken a lot of thoughts and many hours of planning to get things moving but we are finally there. 

I think all academies or clubs has the equal challenge. The challenge is to make a fitness program that is individual to everyones specific needs. Many clubs and academies has many players of different age and fitness level. Also the fact that we have bigger and far more important things like school and families to take in consideration. Still we wanna have those session done to make progress. We have tested all players and given them a player profile. What we have done now is to give each and every player a designated week before each week. Those weeks are based around the fact that we have 4 different kind of weeks for a player really. Either you are in a tournament week or you have a practices week, or you have a tournaments preparation week or a fitness week. The schedule of fitness depends a bit on what week you are in.

All players have their individual program delivered weekly and the programs are based on the fitness testing and the goals of the players. The application to the players comes electronically and I will write about how that is done when we have tested the system for some weeks. Let’s see how it goes but the first reports looks very promising.

Looking back also to a successful week for Stan and Yannick in Rotterdam. Seeing Stan playing back to back quality matches was a treat. To see him also playing on a Sunday and competing again for a title was just amazing. We have never been doubtful that he can do it but the execution was nice to see. A solid tick in the box.

Stan with Yannick after the final in Rotterdam

A lot of talk about the new ITF rules in the world of tennis. I don’t have all the information and im not a politician but I have many players and coaches working at the junior and Future level and they are NOT happy. So my point of view is from that side. As a coach and supporter for those players. For me I find it very hard to work around the fact that we are cutting jobs in tennis. If I would to work towards something I would turn things around. I would look at it from the other angle and try to make it better for each and every player instead globally. The old system was not bad. But players were perhaps suffering and having a tough time surviving because of low price money. But many players founds other sources of income. League tennis etc. Don’t we want a lot of player competing in tennis? Don’t we want the competition to be strong. Thats great for our sport, thats great for our juniors coming up. I would work around the business model to increase prize money. Find partners. Distribute more funds to the lower level tournaments. Make better events. More practice courts. Better onsite facilities. This does not have to cost a fortune. Just raise the standards a little bit. Work from both sides by trying to increase the income and lower the costs for the players. This is how the product tennis will grow. Instead today the players at future level is treated bad really. They are forced to stay at the official resort to get practice courts (or even be in the tournament), no officials or officials arriving late for matches, no practice balls, pre-qualies with entry fee (I heard up to €50 for the pre-qualies) to get players in the draw that are there, no standard on the courts (I have seen courts where the court is destroyed and the net almost not there), high entry fees just to name a few. Its great that the ITF Junior Circuit gets attention as per giving spots to higher ranked ITF juniors into ITF mens Futures BUT, if we zoom out, do we really want to focus MORE on chasing ITF junior points? Do we really want that? Im always advicing players that I’m involved in to get an education before anything else. Life is to one dimensional with only tennis. At the same time I urge them to keep working on their tennisgame and also do other sports. This new system COULD lead to stress perhaps and that can’t lead to any good in our already fast society. On top of that I question selling the ITF junior ranking to IMG Academy. All the talk about integrity and playing on equal terms??  In my eyes this move morally wrong. ITF should be independent. Its short term money but I see a lot of things that is just morally wrong here.

A survey was sent out to 55 000 players  before making this changes. I was not one of them, and perhaps I should not be. But I have not met anyone that was among those 55 000 people or among those 8 000 people that responded (THANKS for correcting me on the right number of respondents).  I have also never spoken to any ITF official about the development of tennis in general. Im most likely not the right person, but I have again not met any one that have been involved. What are the agenda? Whats in the pipeline? Whats the topics of discussions? With the ATP tour we have regular meetings on how to develop TENNIS. Big and small we talk about sport and how to make it better. I believe it makes a huge difference. Sure ATP has its problems as well. But the discussions are around the events we play/coach at and always close. We have a great chief in Chris Kermode that if easily accessible to players. We have a board with players and tournaments that are working hard to find agreements and that are close to the sport. Fore sure there are disagreements but the talks are there. The topics are on the table. This is where I think ITF could perhaps improve. By actually get involved closer to the court. Closer to players, tournaments and officials. The heart of the sport. Perhaps they are and im sure that ITF is working very hard but I’m certainly not shared of the topics and the ideas going forward. If I’m not shared I’m sure there are more people in the business who feels the same.

This week there is a school holiday in Sweden. My kids are off from school. As a tenniscoach there is no or very little room for planned vacation. You have vacation when your player is resting. Period. I had a great talk with a coach the other day about this topic. Being a coach is tough job (as many jobs are) and the job of the coach should not be underestimated. One of my personal principles is to always put the player first. Whats good for the player. What do the player need now. And then work around that.  Im very fortunate too have an amazing mother to our kids that (almost:)) never disagrees. For sure it helps a tremendous amount to have an understanding player as well. Thanks Stan!

“A game plan for life and the power of mentoring” by coach John Wooden. Great book! Thanks to my coaching friend who gave me this book (you know who you are). Good book that Im just done with. The take aways are again very much about principles for life as fit is for sport. About being a mentor and being mentored. Do you have a mentor? Maybe you do but you don’t know you do? Are you a mentor for someone? Maybe you are without knowing it! Its a good read that I can recommend.

Be a role model with actions. Not words. 

Have a nice week friends!



Suck it up and work your ass off

Im writing this before the mens final in Melbourne. Nadal vs Djokovic. On the womens side we saw a great final with 2 great stories. Kvitova vs Osaka. To come back and win after having matchpoints in the second set is so strong! The tournament has seen some great stories and younger player emerging on the big stage. Im thinking about Tiafoe, Tsitsipas and Di Minaur among others on the mens side. Still we have Novak vs Rafa in the finals. 

Nadal has looked so good the whole tournament and thats normally a bit unusual even for him after a long break. Very impressive AGAIN. Novak is back playing with fire and anger. These guys are amazing. Both guys on top form. Could be epic.

The overall level of tennis has been good. But its not the tournament that will go down in history for the many amazing matches overall in my eyes. This because of the fast surface but anyway nice to see tennis implementing different court speeds. Im a fan of different court speeds in general. Remarkable also to see the venue in Melbourne growing every year. Tennis Australia is probably the best event organisers in tennis and money is just flooding in to the system not only here but in all the grand slam countries. Money that can help those countries invest in junior development, hire the best coaches, be stakeholders in more events, bying land to build bigger stadiums and building huge centres short of nothing. All while smaller countries are struggling big time in tennis. On top of that it seems like the new ranking system has drastically cut jobs in tennis making the life of players ranked 300-700 almost impossible. Smaller countries dont have a huge amount of wild cards to give. So its a tougher road. Its also financially very tough to organise ITF future these days if you dont have a big al incusive hotel to host players in. Its very costly to send players on tournaments. Sponsors is really tough to get as smaller countries many times dont have huge events and exposure is therefore limited. We dont compete on the same terms but this also reflects life in general. Its a reflection of life. Money rules the world. Fact. As a small player you have 2 choices. Complain or suck it up, be humble and work your ass off. 

Stan had a tough second round against Raonic. We won 1 tiebreak and lost 3. Very tough loss as we felt we had put in a lot of work and he was playing well. Credit to Milos for playing well. Next up is Sofia and Rotterdam in Europe. Very much looking forward to the rest of the season together. 

I went back to Stockholm straight after Melbourne and have been working with our players at the academy since then. The head of sports at the academy is Mikael Tillstrom and whenever im at home i will tag in to the training where i can do any positive difference. One of my core philosophies is to be on the court everyday. The academy is really at a good level now. We will expend with another fulltime fitness coach from 1 March. The team is growing. Last week i worked with Henrik and next week i will work more isolated with Gustaf and his coach Martin. Good to Great Tennis Academy had 4 players competing in the junior main draw in Australian Open. We were able to do this trip with financial support from the federations of the players and with help of a sponsor to the academy. Thanks you very much for giving the players this possibility! We dont have endless pockets to dig from so we have to be smart. Very thankful for the support and for beeing able to do this trip.

*** Andy Murray what a champion. Warrior really. Fighter that never gave up and with a huge charisma. Hope he can get the end of his career that he wants and deserves.

*** The new ranking system with the transition tour has not impressed me so far i have to say. Why making it more difficult for players that already had a tough time? We will have to wait some time before we can say something for sure but at the moment im not super positive. 

Looking forward to watch the mens final tomorrow. Hope you are watching as well.

Have a nice weekend!




Melbourne. A new year with new goals and new priorities both personal and workwise. 

I was happy to start yet another year together with my family in the north of Sweden. Doing some skiing and catching up on life. We went to the skiing villige of Sälen where i have spent 1 week for the last 15 years. Really like it there. Then we went to Bollnäs which is also in the north and where Linda is from. We had a really good time there as well. Good snow and weather that invited us for beeing outside. 

After the holiday i went back to the academy to work with coach Martin for a few days. Martin is going to Australia with juniors Caijsa Henneman and Gustaf Ström and had asked me to join him for a few days which i gladly accepted offcourse.

Martin and Caijsa at work
Martin and Caijsa at work

We had some really high quality days with Karl Friberg and Ipek Soylu. It was the sort of days where you can almost touch improvement. Thanks also to coach Dejan who contributed to the quality. The fact is that Good to Great Tennis Academy has 4 players qualified in the main draw in Australian Open juniors. Not to chubby for a small place up in the north right? 🙂 Apart from Caijsa and Gustaf the team will also be Harry Wendelken from Great Britain and Otto Virtanen from Finland going with coach Peter Carlsson.

Harry and coach Peter after winning SALK Open ITF G3 last week

Equally happy to start the new full season together with Stan in Melbourne again. We had a good preseason together and he had a pretty good first week in Doha reaching quarters as well.  Looking forward to spend a week on the court together in Melbourne before the first Grand Slam of the year. To build for a healthy and succesful season for the team. Looking forward to go from -16 degrees celcius to +40:). First few days will be tough as always. 

Melbourne is also a perfect spot to get some health sessions in. I love the culture of living outside here. To go for a morning run alongside the Yarra river is one of my absolute favourites. Speaking about training i havent been able to do as much as i like because of my knee pains. I have gained a few pounds over christmas haha  but hey… Its not the end of the world. I hope to get back on track here in Australia where its easy to stay healthy. I still have hopes to compete in Ironman Cork this summer so fingers crossed. 

I will try to share some pictures from the trip down under on my Instagram account @swedennorman

Last but not least. Good to Great alumni players Mikael Ymer and Aryna Sabalenka starting the seasons in really good fashion with pro titles. Always happy when former pupils are finding new paths that leads to success. Gives me as a coach huge satisfaction. The opposite is a nightmare and the sort of things that keeps you awake at night.

Well well, its 4:30 am in Melbourne. Jet lag deluxe haha. Time to go for a short run before the monrning coffee i guess:)

Stay healthy friends. Remember to not take health for granted. Its a priveledge to be healthy and we should be happy for it everyday we wake up. Some people dont have that luxury.

Have a nice week!




Whats up everyone!?

Hope you are having a good time. November is not exactly my favorite month but its all about how you approach your day. The month has been ok but nothing extraordinary. Just daily grind. Going about business trying to develop all the different aspects of life. As a father and as a coach. Not complaining but trying to be the best everyday. Believing in what you are doing and not listening to no-sayers. Do instead of talk. Wake up early and chase those dreams. To many people just talk. Big words. It all sounds amazing but then what? If you dont back up what you say there will be no trust. Big words dont mean anything if you can’t follow up with actually living by what you have preeched. Respect is for me built by doing before talking. In November you need character. You need to find that passion from the inside when its dark outside. The boost. How do you find that boost of motivation? I think by setting goals! You can complain or you can set goals and work toward that goal. Thats is the boost! The egnition! The goal can be personal and you don’t need to tell anyone about it if you don’t like but goal setting is a great motivational boost. I have had many goals in life. I still have. I don’t care if people laugh at what i do or perhaps thinks something is weird. I have more confidence in my abilities and knowledge. I have my philosophies and my principles and I stick to them before anything else. I know who i am. I know my strenths and also my weaknesses. I want results. I take full responsability if things does not work out. My principles are my road map in life. No money in the world is more important than living by those principles. You should to! If you believe in something just outwork the negative people! Believe in what you do! Dont stop and always learn.

A good friend of mine told me about the 7 golden rules of his coaching philosophy last week. I enjoyed that very much and appreciated the time he took to share this with me. I also came across a few interesting bulletpoints from the website on what succesful people DONT do in life. Great insight and stuff that i want to share along with you guys. The text underneeth the bulletpoints are my own.

1. Give Up On The Unhealthy Lifestyle

Wow! What a great start! To give energy to others you need to have energy yourself. It starts from inside and out.

2. Give Up The Short-term Mindset

Yes yes yes!! Long-term goals. Visions. Process driven. There are many words but something else to back it up in real life. The people that can do this are winners.

3. Give Up Your Excuses

This goes very much for sports as well and tennis specifically. You will looose A LOT of points in tennis. You will loose A LOT of matches. The winners are the ones that learns no matter winning or loosing and never complains or finds outside excuses.

4. Give Up The Fixed Mindset

Growth mindset rules. Angela Duckworth is an author that has written books on mindset. I Especially the book GRIT. Recommended reading.

5. Give Up Believing In The “Magic Bullet.”

Yes yes yes! There is no secret sauce. Passion beats talent.

6. Give Up Your Perfectionism

Yes it will become to tough on yourself if you try to be perfect all the time. Try to be your best insead.

7. Give Up Multi-tasking

Something i need to work on everyday. BUT im getting way better!

8. Give Up Your Need to Control Everything

Tough when you have high standards but also tough to gro if you are not able to trust others.

9. Give Up On Saying YES To Things That Don’t Support Your Goals

Both yes and no. Someyimes i like to do things that has zero relevance to my goal but perhaps i need to change things up to gain motivation.

10. Give Up The Toxic People

Candy to my ears.

11. Give Up Your Need To Be Liked

More candy.

12. Give Up Wasting Time

Bulls eye. Perhaps TO much time are wasted at talking instead of doing? Planning is very important. No doubt about that! This has to take time and a lot of thought..but in my humble opinion there are perhaps to much time wasted on endless meetings with not that much conclusions?

Those 12 bullets are really something that got me thinking. Great stuff.

Anyway. Enough about that. Today is Saturday night after a good day of training with the players at the academy this morning. The players wanted my input. They wanted to give energy to each other. Fantastic as a coach to be on court with those kind of sessions. THANKS for making my Saturday.

The academy is a constant work however. In my eyes we do certain things good but we also have big improvements to make in many areas. Im very happy that we now have a nutritionist and lifestyle coach at the academy that the players can meet on a regular base. For us its about building a team. This takes time. The road is not straigth. The best coach might not by default be the right fit for a team of coaches. Next thing for Good to Great is to find is a mental coach to be in the team. BUT rather than throwing in people in the organisation is about building a team. This is the tough part.

Above 3 of the coaches from our team. Next week will be my last week at home (befere travelling 2 weeks) starting on Monday. I hope it will be a good week. It WILL be a good week! Im planning some exciting sessions at the academy and a few good sessions myself i hope to keep beeing energised.

Speaking about my own training. I havent been able to run that much because of my knee again but at least now i know what causes the pain. Im suffering from Arthritis in my knee. Have to train different with this in mind and also my age in mind. I see this as a great way of learning more about training and a nice challenge. Lets see how things will go. Im entered for Ironman Cork the 23 of June.

The new season is winding up. On and off the court.

Have a nice evening!



New York

What do you think of this player? Can he be a good player? Probably the question i get asked the most, apart from ”What happened to Swedish Tennis”.

For me its almost impossible to answer that question. Most likely because im really bad at predicting the future but i also know how many factors that really plays in when it comes to ”making it”. I have also learnt that with hard work, repeated over time with dedication and a ”Im gonna make it” attitude can take you very very far!

To say that someone is talented and will ”make it” or for that matter is LACKING talent and ”He will not make it” just is not good coaching in my eyes. Its so much that comes into play over a long period of time. And talent?? If you happen to follow me you also know how i define talent.

If the player is good enough and has enough skills the mental aspects will play a huge part if the player will ”make it” or not. The will to push through also on tough days. To not give in. To not loose motivation when going through failure. To follow a team and a plan for a long period of time instead of looking for ”freerides” or change to often. Anyway. That about that.

This week we are back in New York for the first time since Stan won here. We have had a good trip so far and improved a great deal i think. Step by step. Toronto and Cinci was good tournaments for us. Actually we are just very very happy to see him play at that level again. Its tough to come back from an injury BUT there are also Injuries and then there are INJURIES. This one was tough and nothing to play around with. Stans doctor, fitness coach Pierre, fysio Serge and coach Yannick has been with him and done an amazing job together with Stan who has shown his character more than ever.

We are training at Flushing Meadows this week. Great facilities and the organisation is really trying to imporove last years and keep up with the rest of the Grand Slam events. This year a huge investment has been made in totally remodelling the Louis Armstrong stadium. Its impressive indeed! People also ask me -What tournament is your favourite? And to be honest i think all Tournaments are really good these days. Im just so priveledged to have this as my job. The tennisfamily (ITF, ATP, WTA i dont really care as we all represent the sport tennis) is doing an amazing job and to be a tennisplayer and coach on this tour is such a huge preveledge. Thank you!!

For all tennisfans out there i wish you a few great weeks!

Have a nice day!