Time to reflect and set new goals

Whats up readers and followers!!??

Hope that you had a nice holiday and that the new year started well!

The holidays is a great time to spend time with the loved ones. A time for giving and sharing. A time for the joy of living. A time to love life and all its surprises. A time to reflect and set new goals. Are you happy? What makes you happy? Are you living the life you want? If not, what can you do to redirect your life to the path you want to travel? do you have your own road map on what you want to achieve? I certainly have.

When I summarize 2019 I have to say that It has been quite a tough year actually. Yes, not everything is great all the time! Not everything is perfect even if it looks like many people are living the perfect life without any problems at all. Carpe diem etc etc. Its all NOT perfect all the time lets be honest! And thats ok! As I personally measure the quality and happiness in my life my life very much on how I feel physically and how people around me feel and get treated, I must admit that 2019 has been a challenge. Its been stressful in many ways with deaths close to me, physical illness and just very much violence and broken promises in general. Upset with how the world in general and how my country Sweden specifically has developed. And on top of that, Stan did not win any titles during the year:)

There has been a massive change in the environment in Sweden. Killings, bombings, cars that are out in fire etc etc. Things that we have just seen on television before has now arrived in full power to Sweden. I can’t understand how people can be so cruel. Politicians who seems to just fight against each other instead of actually solving problems. Presidents who runs campaigns on Twitter. It’s all really crazy and a bit scary from my perspective.

It has also taken me 2019 to realize that there is not such thing as giving back to people that helped in todays environment. You grab whatever is best for you. Thats it. Don’t think about how you’re actions might make the other person feel. Money in front of your noose and you totally change whatever philosophy you had before. Use whatever is given to you without hesitations of caring for others. This has made me quite sad actually. Made me feel deflated and low of energy for a while. Thats why it has been so nice to see people help each other on big tragic events like the Australian fires.

Apart from that I personally also had fitness problems that put a hold on my ability to live the active life I want for some time. My many hours on the training ground, my injuries in my playing career together with a bike crash 2 years ago has been the reason to this. Offcourse that has influenced my mood as well and impacted the end of the year for me personally. It’s tough when you want to move and be active but your body physically don’t let you. A very strange feeling. But I’m not the guy that complains with everything thats going on around us at the moment. It would be very wrong.  There are people with much worse problems than I have, but for me its been tough and a life change.

Onwards and upwards from here on!! Really hope that 2020 will be trending in an upward spiral in all the aspects of life!!

Preseason was great together with Stan. We did some traveling and had many days together. The last 7 days in Monaco was very good and we stayed at the same place. Was hitting with Dimitrov, Medvedev and Goffin among others.

The competition has started on a good note! Spent the first week together with the team in Doha both on and off the court! Stan made semifinal in Doha. It was tough for us to play 2 matches back to back the same day. Specially when the first match started 5 pm. BUT thats not perhaps why we lost the match in the end. You have to deal with whatever is given to you and on this day our opponent was very strong. I want to take the positives from the week however. To start the year with a semifinal and a few matches is good.

The academy is starting to run more smoothly now. We start to get the hang of what we are doing. Everything from philosophies and routines. It takes time if you have high ambitions and standards! We have set new goals and a vision that is very appealing to all of us. We hope to be able to go through with all our plans in 2020.

Now I’m personally looking forward to a strong week of training in Melbourne before the first Grand Slam of the year starts! The ATP season looks more open than in many years! So many young players are knocking on the door. After a few years with less young really good players I feel that the generation coming through now is very strong. If you have been following me I wrote this a few years back. This generation feels quite strong and its a fantastic challenge for the more established players like Stan.


Hope you guys have started the year in fashion and looking forward to what the year has in store!



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