Back after Covid

Hi all,

It’s been quite some break from the blog. A lot of things have been going on and I haven’t really had the time to reflect and haven’t had any time or motivation really to write. But the inspiration to write has slowly returned to write and reflect. And as you know I only write for myself. But I do publish what I write. I might have some spelling mistakes here and there. I might not write 100% perfect but thats not really my goal. My goal is to share my thoughts as a coach working with athletes. Working behind the scenes making other people shine. I also feel a need for a platsform to express my opinions in a little bit longer format than social media.

The last post I made was in January 2020. Just before Covid struck the world. Everyone know what happened after that. Years with lock down and just crazy times. And just when we recovered we have another human crisis with the war in Ukraine that has sent shockwaves all over the world. It’s just crazy really. Why why why??? So many crazy things are happening and I can’t really believe that we are having a war in 2022!! I can’t also believe what is happening in Iran where women are treated so bad. I can’t believe we haven’t come further than this. Very disappointed to say the least. The world feels very unstable and we all really need to get our acts together. More so the LEADERS of the world has to shape up!! The ones making the decisions.

I have so much to share and so many thoughts I wanna share. But I want to start with a short summary about what’s been going on and what’ I’ve been up to. A lot of things has changed in my private life and I’m at a very good place in my life now. I could not be happier. I have moved to Täby (a suburb a bit closer to the city and the academy) and I’m living with my beautiful wife Jessica in a small and super-cosy little house. We had the most amazing wedding anyone can ever dream about this summer. Thanks Jessica for saying yes:)

Working wise I have to say that our academy is doing as good as ever now under the guidance of Mikael Tillström who is our head of sports. We are seeing improvements on a broad scale. We are really doing something good now. We have an amazing line up of coaches with the last few coaches to arrive is Magnus Tideman (won Grand Slam as a coach), Joakim Nyström (nr 7 in the world and coach on ATP and WTA many years) as well as Jared Palmer, world number 1 in doubles. I sometimes have to pinch myself. More on the academy soon:)

We have initiated a Sports research&innovation hub at the academy and we are doing our first research together with Sofiahemmets University, Mid Sweden Uni, Dala Uni and Catapult Sports. The research will be lead by The Tennis Research and performance Group with Fredrik Johansson and myself. Looking forward to share what we are working on!

Last year was also the first year I was involved in the organisation of an ATP tournament. The Nordea Open in Bastad. The tournament has been running so smooth for so many years now and its amazing to work in the team with Christer, Sara, Lotta, Viktor, Micke, Christian and the others. We had am amazing field and the summer in Bastad was one of the best! Thanks for letting me be a part of the tournament that I won 2 times:)

I haven’t been on the PRO tour since the start of Covid really. It’s great to be back working on the sidelines and on the court. A lot of things has changed off-course, but a lot of things are the same! Yes, tennis keeps improving. Players are moving better and hitting harder. In fact the US Open this year was one of the best I have seen I have to say. It was a Grand Slam with pure high quality tennis. Only tennis. The matches were just amazing!! And to see Serena Williams play her last tournament was huge. What a legend! But at the same time as tennis has improved, it’s still the same rules and the size of the court is the same. What it takes to create success will not change. More soon.

Looking forward to share my thoughts again going forward.

All the best! Keep smiling and make friends. Let’s hope this world and the leaders of the world will get their acts together.



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