We got what we came for

Hi all,

Different week in Riyadh preparing for the new season. Great tournament organized by BSG sports group who had put a lot of focus on involving girls and women into getting to know tennis. Judy Murray did a great job going to schools and other places introducing tennis to girls. It was positive to see the progress that the country has made in terms of social equality since I was here 3 years ago.We can all do something working with human rights. Show example, get involved or speak up for what we believe is right.

The tournament started with a best of 3 match tiebreak match vs Berretini who Stan won. Latest the same day he was up against Rublev in a match that Stan also won. The next day Stan lost to Medvedev in 2 full sets. We got what we came here for and it was again great to see the event growing with everything that comes with it.

Going back to Europe and will work at the academy and with our youth scholarship program called Stripple Future Generation next few weeks. Christmas time as well and preparing everything that comes with it before flying to Brisbane the 25th of December. So excited to have Jessica with me for the first few weeks❤️

Write you from Australia!




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