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Our core is in The development years

It’s been a tough few days for the academy. Life must go on however. Thats what Mikael would have told us and that what he told us when he got sick. He wanted to be treated the same way. We can only honour him and his family by making things great and keep having fun […]

A game plan for life

Im sitting at the hotel in Acapulco right now. Preparing for the tournament here with Stan and looking back at a hectic but constructive period back home. Its superhot here in Acapulco. Matches starts at 4 pm. Last time I was here was 2002 and back then the tournament was a clay court event. Lost to Mariano Zabaleta […]

Food for friday thoughts

Coach the complete athlete – the 24-hour athlete. CARE about him/her also outside the tennis complex. Build the Complete Athlete – All systems work together – Integrate don’t isolate. The world and the tennisplayers/athletes are 3-dimensional. Treat defeat as a learning process but dont hide behind the quote. Its about results! Some people dream of […]