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Whats up everyone!? Hope you are having a good time. November is not exactly my favorite month but its all about how you approach your day. The month has been ok but nothing extraordinary. Just daily grind. Going about business trying to develop all the different aspects of life. As a father and as a […]

New facilities for Good to Great are opened

Hi all, Its been a hectic time to say the least. A lot of work the last 6 months at home on the court together with the coaches at the academy. We were really going hard every day in the old academy and we did not miss 1 minute of training. Very proud of the […]

Partner in CAPA Karlstad endurance races

In late 2015, I started to get interested in Triathlon and endurance sports in general. I love the versatility of running, cycling and swimming. One day you can run. The next day, you are a little worn out in the legs and swim instead. Great weather outside you take your bike for a spin. It […]

My birthday

Hi all, The first few days of my fundraiser “Race4kids with allergies” has been good so far. The fundraiser has generated 35 000 SEK so far with great contributions from the tenniscommunity as well as friends and family. Thank you thank you thank you! The idea behind the fundraiser is not only to raise financial […]


Hi all, Hope you are all well. Haven’t had the time, energy or inspiration to write for quite some time. When I restarted writing I said to myself to only write when I feel I need to write and when I have the time. I don’t like to add to the things we “have to” […]