Rain in Melbourne

I love Melbourne. When i get asked the question “What is your favourite stop on the tennis year”? My response would often be Melbourne or New York. Love Melbourne for its architecture,its active way of outside living,the many small cafes and restaurants and so much more. Normally its really really hot for the Australian Open but this year its been raining quite a lot. As far as the tennis concerned we are ok as the Australian Open have 3 courts with roof on,amazing really. We know that the weather could change quickly here so lets see what the next days will bring.

Stan had a good day in the office on saturday beating Rosol in 3 sets on Rod Laver arena. Stans 400th win on the professional tour. Very happy to be in the forth round here and a great start to the year. 

*** 6-7 pages in every newspaper about the “summer of tennis” in Australia. Love it! 

*** If im trying to find something not so good (had to try hard) about the Australian Open and Melbourne Park it would be the fact that there are cameras everywhere also inside in the players areas. Big brother warning.

*** Peter Carlsson is in South America on ITF tournaments with a group of players from Good to Great Tennis Academy. The Swedish players are part of Team Catella. Catella fund management has been part of Swedish Tennis for so many years. Love their long term commitments even when things has not been going so well. Its easy to shine when things go well but to support also in tough times is what i call a real partner! 

Hope your weekend is great and relaxing in many ways!

2 thoughts on “Rain in Melbourne

  1. Cecilia Falcón says:

    Hi Magnus. I’ve made a habit of checking your place daily; and it is very often that I find your “tips” really helpful and refreshing for my own life.

    You just can’t imagine how the comment above made my day today.

    Love from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cecilia. Have you ever been here? If not, you should.

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