Marseille and Delray Beach ATP world tour events

A new week is knocking on the door. In the word of mens tennis we have Marseille and Delray Beach coming up. Two completely different tournaments and two amazing events. Open 13 in Marseille in the south of France with its unique center court and vibrant crowd. Played there a few times myself and also coached there a few years and there is always a great crowd as in many tournaments in France. In Marseille there are quite a few restaurants and bars on site and as the matches are scheduled rather late there is always a great atmosphere around the site. Stan is playing his first event since Australia in Marseille. Really looking forward to it. Yannick is there to work with Stan.

Delray Beach Tennis Center is also a tennis venue at the beach. It is an outside event with different feel to it then the one in Marseille. I was there as a spectator last year with my family and i was went there as a spectator when Sweden played USA in Davis Cup 2004. I was injured but wanted to support the guys in the team so i paid my own ticket and went there. Unfortunately for Sweden Andy Roddick was on fire and we lost the tie. Its a nice event to visit as you can walk to different hotels and restaurants along the Atlantic Avenue as well as to the beach. For running nerds like myself its also paradise:)

Picture from Delray Beach Tennis Center
Picture from Delray Beach Tennis Center

This week there is also a third ATP world tour event in Rio. As i have never been there at that event i can’t write about it but I’m sure it will be a good event. Its an amazing city and the entry list sure looks really good!

Enjoy the week on the ATP world tour guys!

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