Food for friday thoughts

Coach the complete athlete – the 24-hour athlete. CARE about him/her also outside the tennis complex.

Build the Complete Athlete – All systems work together – Integrate don’t isolate. The world and the tennisplayers/athletes are 3-dimensional.

Treat defeat as a learning process but dont hide behind the quote. Its about results!

Some people dream of success while others people wake up and work hard at it (my favorite that i read 25 years ago and still is top of mind)

Choose your words carefully. Listen when spoken to.


In todays top sport SPEED is king. Look at top tennis today compared to only 10 years ago. Its a massive difference in speed. Quality of the movement is massive important to success.

Be a leader not a boss.

Communication is key. Get to know your athlete. Coach the people not the player.

Create the independent athlete who needs you less and less (stupid business model i know).

As a tenniscoach make sure to MOVE. We stand about the tennis court countless hours when coaching (its equal bad as just sitting on a chair). Make sure to make space in your agenda to move. 

Have a nice weekend everyone!



1 thoughts on “Food for friday thoughts

  1. Cecilia Falcón says:

    Such beautiful words to wake up on a rainy, grey morning in Buenos Aires.

    And great to learn that you do your job as a coach using a holistic, multidisciplinary guiding spirit.

    Yeah, my admiration keeps on growing on weekly basis.

    All the best, Cecilia F.

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