Happy New Year all!

On the flight from Brisbane to Melbourne as we speak. Looking back on a great first week of the year.

As you know Stan made the semis. Lost to Nishikori in a tight match. Really thought Stan played well and it was a close contest. However Kei was playing really solid and a bit to good on the day. Overall I’m satisfied with the week however. Brisbane was such a great start to the year. Lots of courts to practise on even if it was a combined event. Great crowds. Very friendly staff that went out of the box to try to help the players and everyone around the tournament.

I also managed to squeeze in a few training sessions. The hot and humid conditions really beat me the first days:(

It slowed me down and i had to adopt quite a lot. Felt a little bit better towards the end. I can really see why some very good Triathletes coming to practise in this country. As i wrote last year its a country where people spend time outside. Already early morning the track along the river in Brisbane was crowded with people. Its very easy. Very convenient. Also a track for runners and a big track for bicycles along the river. Offcourse you gonna get great athletes out of that environment! And more important you would get a healthy population and sort of a eco friendly lifestyle as people tend to commute more. In the city where i live we have nothing of that going in to the city. It would be the best investment they could make to have a big track for cyclist going from the suburbs to the city. Great work Australia! So jealous. We need to find a substitute for that back home. Offcourse we have our indoor facilities but we need to build more of those as the population only gets bigger and bigger. We are constructing new houses like never before but what about sporting facilities for our youth? I think there should be a sporting facility in every new construction that are allowed to being built or at least in every new area!

I know Melbourne is equally good. You can both walk/run and bike along the river there. Looking forward to more outdoor activities!

We are training next week. Have a few good sessions booked in. Looking forward to get out on the court again.

Update you more in a few days. Thanks for reading and have a nice week!


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