St Kilda beach run

If you visit Melbourne you might wanna try out the St Kilda area for a nice workout. St Kilda is the most famous beach in Melbourne. Not very far off downtown. There are off course different roads going down to St Kilda beach depending on where you are staying. You can choose to take the local tram or just run down to the beach. As we are staying in the city most of the times we are in Melbourne (close to Melbourne park) i ran St Kilda road down towards St Kilda beach. Right after the Albert reserve teniscourts on your right (from the city going down to the beach) i sort of ran across the grass fields at Albert Park and found my way down to St Kilda beach.

There is a great running track along the beach on Beaconsfield parade in St Kilda. You will find nice shaded playgrounds for kids. Check out the Sandbar beach cafe right on the beach.

 There is also a really nice place to get a coffee or refreshing juice at the South Melbourne Life saving club on your way down towards Port of Melbourne.

  When you reach Port Melbourne there is a tramline running back to the city with a beautiful running/bicyclepath along the way connecting St Kilda beach with the city.


 Have a nice day everyone!



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