What an attitude!

Nice to get that first round out of the way even if it was not the way we wanted it to be in the end. Never happy when an opponent is injured. I’ve personally had enough injuries myself throughout my career and I know how hard it is both physically and mentally. Wish D Tursunov a speedy recovery.  

*** What a match from Verdasco! Wow! But still amazed by the level of Nadal and how good you have to play to beat him. People talk about him like he is done and he is number 5 in the world!!?? Amazing level and attitude to his sport

*** Johanna won first round. Well done!!

2 thoughts on “What an attitude!

  1. Cecilia Falcón says:

    Each day, Magnus, I admire you twice as much than the day before.

    All the best from Buenos Aires, Argentina, homeland of Guillermo Vilas, RG champion like your Stan .

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