Maccas Legends with Enqvist

Had a few really special and for me unusual days here in Melbourne. Never thought i was gonna get a chance to get back on those courts again playing. I had a great time. A little bit rusty and didn’t know what to expect in our first game but after a while it got better. Thanks to Tennis Australia for the invitation to the Maccas Legends and thanks Thomas Enqvist for playing with me. It was always so much fun playing with you on tour and also this time!

A lot of things written in media last days about corruption in tennis. Tennis is acting strongly and fast. Seems like our sport have a very good and strong governing body right now and thats very good. Our sport has such great values created in the history of the game. Values like fair play, respect and fighting spirit has been created by all ex players. In my humble opinion our sport needs to be careful and respect the brand that tennis has build over the years. The sponsors of our sport wants to be associated with this brand. Our fans buy tickets for these values. Its great to see our sport act so strongly against these accusations.

Have a nice day everyone and enjoy the semifinals from Australia!!

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