Food for friday thoughts

Take what you do seriously but dont take yourself to seriously.

To share is the most unselfish thing we can do. What would we be today without sharing.

To be a coach is a little bit like beeing a doctor. Whats beeing said between you and your player should stay between you and your player. Its about trust. To break that trust either during or after you have worked together is disrespectful. 

Im definitely PRO doing multiple sports when you are younger. Early specialization is not to recommend. Let our kids be kids!

Its not about what you say. Its about what you do.

Every exercise is a test. Every test is an exercise.

We as humans have 2 ears and 2 eyes but we only have 1 mouth. That means that we are supposed to listen and observe twice as much as we speak.

Everybody wants to be famous today. Not many wants to work hard.




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