Last full week in Sweden for a while

Hi you all,

I hope that your week is going well. I had a busy week at the academy and with the family. The kids have been sick (as many kids are in February in Sweden) and i also got some virus on Thursday again. This month has been a disaster when it comes to my health. Problem with my patella tendon has forced me to rest from running and at the same time I’ve been sick 2 times now. Hope it will be better next month when I’m leaving for Indian Wells and Miami.

Yesterday i was sick and the kids as well. We were home the whole day. We made a fire down by the sea and had lunch down there as well. Beautiful really. Those are the small things you miss when you travel.


As i wrote in my last blogpost I’ve been working with junior players Borna Dewald and Rikard Rååd from Sweden this week. Been on court with them and their coaches. A really good week together and we will keep going Friday and Saturday as well. We did quite a few quality hours on court and also had enough recovery time in between sessions. Thank you Viktor Tuurala, fitness coach at Good to Great Tennis Academy, for your time with us as well. Thank you to Starwing Management Team for the opportunity to work with Borna and his coach for a week and good luck in the U14 Tennis Europe event next week in Stockholm. A great event by the way. Make sure to catch the live streaming!

Also had the opportunity and honour to sit down with the CEO of Good to Great, Mikael Stripple, and speak about player development during the week. Im not in the daily operations of the academy today so its so nice to sit down and get updated on everything. Before we know it we will have the new center in place and that opens up many new possibilities off course. We will be able to host more players that are looking for a place to train long- or shortterm in the north of Europe. We will also be able to work with new segments of players as well as create new events. It will create new possibilities for tennis in this part of the world.

As soon as we will open the application for players i will let you know off course. We will most likely also hire more coaches to work with different segments and i will let you know about the application process for this as well off course.

As i said I’m also doing my last few days back in Sweden for a while. Will travel to US at the end of next week. Always many things to fix before you leave home for a while. First and foremost i wanna spend as much time with my daughters as i can. But then there is also things around the house to fix as well as other logistic issues as the bank etc etc. Well, i guess you all know the routine.

*** Daniel Brands and his coach Luca moving in quarters in Cherbourg ATP challenger.

*** Stan in semis in Dubai ATP 1000.

*** We need a governing body in Swedish Tennis with stability, knowledge, experiance and resources (most human) to support the players and coaches where its needed. Bottom up perspective and not the other way around. We can’t afford to spend time on chaos in the boardroom. We are better then this. Kom igen nu!

*** There is a new ATP Challenger in 2 weeks in Jonkoping, Sweden. First in a while in Sweden. Made possible by a private entrepreneur. Impressive! Good luck and wish i could be there! Our partner Bactiguard will host a night for its investors there as well.

Have a great Friday out there.

Later, Magnus

2 thoughts on “Last full week in Sweden for a while

  1. Cecilia Falcon says:

    Hi Magnus! Glad to know that you and the twins are recovering. It seems like winter is coming to an end there. Which is certainly good.

    Learning that you’ll be crossing the pond soon I’ve come to think that it would be great if you could open a branch of GTG in this Down Under. Not easy feat, but you can always dream, cant you?

    So all the best as usual from Buenos Aires. CF

    • magnus says:

      Thanks:).. We wanna try to focus as much as we can on our base in Sweden before anything else. But it would be cool in the future!

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