“Thats impossible, you can never do that”

Hi all,

Super Tuesday today. Only a few days left at home before a new work trip to Indian Wells and Miami. Many things that needs to be fixed before departure and the fact that I’ve been sick haven’t helped. Today i had 2 really nice meetings in the city. First i met with Ulrika from Bactiguard who is our team partner at Good to Great Tennis Academy. Bactiguard is a innovation company within med tech from Sweden. Bactiguard is offerring a solution that prevents hospital accosiated infections, reduces the use of antibiotics, spread of multi-resistent bacterias and most importantly Bactiguard saves lives. The company is listed on the Swedish stock market.

Just after that i had a meeting with the team at United Influencers. UI is the company I’m writing this blog for. Its a new company with great ambitions. Im happy to be involved and to follow their work.


Its really exciting to follow the  entrepreneurial spirit in the companies. Im fact when i think about it I’m probably the guy that likes the journey. I like to be behind David in David vs Goliath. I like to be behind people that are not doing so well or struggling. I like to help them beat the odds and to help people in general. To change peoples lives. Probably effects on the fact I’m born and raised in a very small city in Sweden where i always had to fight against the odds. Not many believed in me when i was younger. I had a strange accent. I was shy. Never had a professional coach until i was 13-14 years old (my dad was always there). But, love proving people wrong. I think the worst thing you can say to me is “Thats impossible, you can never do that”. Well well. I love this entrepreneurs anyway.

*** Lovely surprise to see Adam Heinonen from Växjo doing well in the Swedish TE events!

*** Big good luck to the Swedish Davis Cup team playing Russia this weekend

*** Semis of the Swedish bandy play offs starting this Thursday. Sandviken vs Västerås and Bollnäs vs Villa.

*** Still patella tendinitis in my knee. Haven’t been able to run in 3 weeks:(.. Anyone knows a miracle rehab or something please inbox me:)?

So long. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

3 thoughts on ““Thats impossible, you can never do that”

  1. Cecilia Falcón says:

    Have you noticed that the name of your academy reflects the love for “the journey” of a hero you mentioned above?

    GTG. From good to great. From a man to The Man. From a tennis player among many others to a twice GS champion, whose life has changed a lot since you both met, in all aspects a man’s life can change.

    Yeah. If Stan is the masterpiece, you are the craftsman.

    So keep on with him and others. There are yet more heroes to come next.

    All the best in Indian Wells, CF.

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