Food for friday thoughts

Givers often gets to receive. Share a lot and receive multiple back.

I know now how little i know.

Let yourself be vulnerable in order to find strength.

Internet is a great place to search for information but be careful with sourcing the information you consume. Be critical. Its all about results in the end. Seek knowledge from the evidence based work with players. AND, always believe in yourself. Seek knowledge and look around but trust your principles.

Always focus on saving energy before spending it.

Teach skills not drills.

We cannot live only for ourselves.

As a coach or a player, Do the grunt work that really matters. Get your hands dirty. Roll up your sleeves. You don’t start in the company as a CEO. Earn the right to move up the rankings.

Have a nice weekend friends!


4 thoughts on “Food for friday thoughts

  1. Cecilia Falcón says:

    Food for Friday thoughts on Thursday? Well, great to get it one day in advance.

    So, tomorrow I’ll work on saving my energy and choosing carefully where to spend it. And always trusting my principles.

    All the best from the Far South, CF

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