Great weekend in California

Hi all,

I hope that you had a great weekend! We certainly did in Indian Wells. Nice weather, good work and Stan won his second round match on Saturday night. It might have looked easy but in order to play well you have to prepare well. We have been here since 1 week so it was nice to see that it turned out well. Next up is Kuznetsov, who beat Chardy, on Monday. A very tough opponent. We will prepare by doing a session together today Sunday.

We have already seen some amazing matches and rallies in Indian Wells both on the mens and the women side. The players that i spoke to last year was complaining a little bit about the balls. This year i personally think (and i also hear players saying the same) that the balls have improved a lot. Much more consistent to spin, speed and control. You can actually feel the ball compared to last year when i think it was really tough to control and inconsistent. Great job by HEAD i have to say. They have really put a lot of energy into producing a quality ball.

Apart from the amazing event in Indian Wells there has been some dark headlines for our sport the last weeks. Gambling, doping and bad behavior has been forefront in the news. Its nice to see that tennis is coming together and is acting no matter what. Thats the only way to mark an end of suspicions, false accusations and to protect the great image that past champions has created in tennis. We don’t want this kind of things associated with our sport. Well done tennis! Lets now focus on our lovely sport associated with fair play and good values that are attracting so many kids, fans and companies going forward.

*** Still not able to run because of my Patella Tendonit in my knee. Rehab still. Zurich marathon will be tough now:(.. But there is always something good in everything. Ive been able to work on my swimming for the last weeks and its slowly getting there:)

*** Swedish players Fred Simonsson and Isak Arvidsson won the doubles in Jonkoping Challenger. Well done! That shows how important it is to have tournaments in Sweden! The only thing i didn’t like was that a main draw WC was given to a foreign player when we actually had many Swedish alternatives.

*** Played my first round of golf in a while as well. So much fun with my friend Johan! Its like a poison. Just want to have more:)


Have a nice week you all!


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