Hi all,

We have arrived in Miami since a few days. Been preparing and getting used to the different conditions in Florida compared to the desert in Indian Wells. The ball travels much faster in the air in the desert compared to the more humid conditions in Miami. The wind is also an factor in Miami and it takes some time to get used to the wind. Not easy to get courts here also as it is a combined event with less courts than in Indian Wells.


Overall i think this trip is way to long. You spend 4 weeks in the calendar for only 2 events when the rest of the year is jammed up. There must be a way to work around that when other ATP Masters 1000 are being played over just 1 week.

A new thing that the ATP has tried since some time back is to get the coaches together on a regular basis and actually hear what we have to say about the tour and topics that we think can be better. I think its a great initiative as we perhaps see things from a different perspective. The ATP coaches will present some ideas to the player council to take in consideration for the future. Ultimately its up to the players and the tournaments to decide about the tour but i still think its great to involve the coaches as well. We had a great meeting here in Miami on Sunday night. Lets see what comes out of that.

Im sort of hacking along with my training as well on the road. Still can’t run since Australia which actually is a bit depressing but I’m doing my rehab and hope to be back soon. As the patella tendon has prevented me from running i have done much more swimming than usual. The other day i also went open water swimming here in Miami. Wasn’t that easy as the waves was pretty strong that day. But anyway a fun health session:)

Stan is playing his first match on Saturday here in Miami. Hope you will be there and support.

All the best, Magnus

9 thoughts on “Miami

  1. Kate Mullen says:

    Am inclined to agree with you that this American trip is too long. By the time Stan plays on Saturday, it will have been 10 days since his last match. That’s a long gap to fill. Is it difficult for you as a coach to keep your player focused, when there are so many off-court distractions (e.g. the beach; events organised by the tournament; the night-life of Miami). Players can’t be ‘cocooned’ & it must be hard to resist temptation or find the right work/life balance, when there are so many blank days in between matches. Hope your knee continues to get better. Take it steady! Best wishes to you & Stan.

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