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Hi all,

Back in Europe again after a long trip to the US. Im at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam at the moment. Spent the last few days in Detroit trying to gain more knowledge in coaching and fitness training. Its an area I’m very passionate about as you know. Just trying to get a little bit more knowledge about the science behind why the body is doing what its doing and what we can do in order to make it function better. Its really fascinating. I hope i can work with this for many years to come and a big motivation for me is to broaden my experience and work with other athletes than tennis players as well in the future. Not sure anyone wants the help but I’m personally curious:) Lets see where the journey takes me. We never really know do we? For now all focus on tennis however!

Gonna spend a few days at home in Stockholm now. Still not good in my knee and it starts to frustrate me. Its getting better but can’t run yet. Going on a new assessment and treatment on Monday. Zurich marathon is coming up very soon and I’m very very doubtful i will be ready for that.

*** Congrats to V Azarenka and her coach Wim Fizette on the great results in US.

*** Finals in Miami coming up in a few hours. Amazing level by Novak the last years. Most impressed by the mental strenght.

*** Start of the clay court season is just around the corner. Interesting to see who is going to be fast out of the blocks..

Hope you are having a great Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Back in Europe

  1. sara says:

    Hope your knee gets better soon, Magnus!
    An aunt of mine always say that knowledge doesn’t occupy space in the mind.
    What you learned in Detroit will certainly help at some point. No wonder you are such a great coach, you are always trying to learn more. An inspiration!

  2. Cecilia Falcon says:

    When acquired knowledge meets up with natural wisdom good results are granted.
    “And where the road will take me I cannot tell” says a song I love. And that is what makes the journey so fascinating. Isn’t it?
    So enjoy the rest of the trip back home and watch your knee.
    All the best. Cecilia

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