Monte Carlo

Hi all,

Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters has started. The clay court season is in its initial stages and we already have some players showing great form last week. Monte Carlo is one of the most scenic places for tennis in the world. A place that i called home for 9 years during my career. I have spent endless hours of training at the Monte Carlo Country Club as well as in the gym over there. I never really did good in the tournament however. I always felt that the bounce was not high enough and i never had a good feeling in the racket over there. Very strange as i was spending so many hours on the court there.

These days when I’m coming back to Monaco it is to visit friends and to have a few days off with the family. Cant think of any better place for a 3-4 day getaway. I love running along the water to Menton. There is a great hike there with a mix of stairs and flat but you really get a good cardio. You can’t run that fast as its very tricky road but its a great work out anyway. If you are in Monaco you should try it!

I will not be in Monaco again this year. In fact during the 4 year i have been with Stan i have never been with him in Monaco. Yannick will be with Stan in Monaco. I really like Yannick and its a great feeling for me to know Stan is in good hands so to speak. Stan has a tough draw in Monaco but every player who is in Monaco is top athletes so you can’t expect anything else.

This week in with my family, my 2 kids, I’m studying and trying to fit in a few training sessions as well. When i’m at home these days my main focus is my kids. Yesterday i picked up my wetsuit at Head swimming nordic and i can’t wait to start using it. Its a fraction to cold in the water in Sweden still however:). I also tried a Triathlon racing kit just for fun. Lets see where this journey ends. I still don’t know. Im curious and scared at the same time. Its a personal journey. Its something just for myself. It helps my work. It helps my understanding of the body. But i feel fear. Lets see where it will lead me.

Off to kindergarten with my kids! Have a great Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Monte Carlo

  1. Tery says:

    As always, I enjoy your very interesting insights from the life of a tennis professional. Since I regularly watch tennis I find it interesting how different tennis players have problems getting used to the different courts. As you say, sometimes the problem is not an adaptation but rather in the fact that this court is not for me. Very interesting.
    Enjoy your time off with family, Magnus. And good luck with your adventures.

  2. Cecilia Falcon says:

    Hi Magnus.
    I’ve been in Montecarlo only once and many years ago. My most vivid memory is that of chrystal chandeliers on the streets. Still today I wonder if they were true, or just a figment of my imagination, stunned by beauty.
    Good that Stan is in Yannick’s safe hands. Know nothing about him, but looks kind-hearted and dependable.
    So, all the best in your personal journey. Trust what your inner self has to tell you.

  3. Ante says:

    Hi Magnus. I am a club player and a big supporter of your work as a coach. I have a technical question for you: on my forehand, do I have to extend out to the target area? How exactly rollins my forearm could help me impart topspin?

    I would be honored if you could take a second to answer my question. Thank you so so much in advance from Croatia.

  4. Catherine ZUBER says:

    Hi Magnus, many thanks for all your involvment in all ways of the sports, and as well as your involvment in progressing in the way how you could may things better in the world in the sports, but also and in particular in tennis regarding the involvment of the coaches in the agenda of the turnaments. But the main and most essential is about your humanity not only in the sport but also worldwide. I looked at the matches of Stan in Monte-Carlo this week and all the matches that he is doing all over the world, you brought him such a lot since 2013 thanks to you, for that all his fans are so happy what great wins he had since you came into his life, not only professionaly but also mentaly, again many thanks! This year its for the moment not a great one, but hopefully he will find again his great tennis again, because as he himself said when he is playing well he can beat any of the best players. Enjoy the time with your family and do not abandon our Stan. As you probably realised, I am Swiss and tried to write in English as best as I could. Again Magnus you are just an extraordinary person. Thanks again for all you did and still do to improve the best for sports and human being.

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