My birthday

Hi all,

The first few days of my fundraiser “Race4kids with allergies” has been good so far. The fundraiser has generated 35 000 SEK so far with great contributions from the tenniscommunity as well as friends and family. Thank you thank you thank you!

The idea behind the fundraiser is not only to raise financial support for the research on kids allergies but also to spred the awareness about kids allergies and share stories and support. Thanks for sharing and posting on all platforms.

We are also superhappy to have Head nordic swimming as a first partner to the fundraiser. Head nordic swimming will provide first class swimming equipment and all the necessary tools and expertise needed for the first leg of the Triathlon, swimming. Thanks to Head nordic swimming for supporting the fundraiser from all of the Asthma and allergy foundation crew!

And yeah. Today is my 40th birthday:). I have 1 year to complete the mission. If you want to support you can donate to the fundraiser here and/or share. Big or small. Thank you so much!! Your help is very much appreciated by the Asthma and allergy foundation.

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7 thoughts on “My birthday

  1. Kate Mullen says:

    Really pleased that you’ve had such great support for the fundraiser, so far. How’s the training going? Make sure you give yourself a rest, on this special day, though! Take some time out to smell the roses and count your 40 years of blessings. Hope your lady & the girls have been able to join you in Paris and that Stan is paying for a top-notch dinner tonight! Happy 40th Birthday, Magnus! May it be one of your best! 🙂

  2. Cecilia Falcón says:

    The triathlon of life has a champion who knows how to swim through troubled waters, rides the bicycle of hard work with poise and runs along the winding paths of learning like no one else can.

    He enjoys the challenges of the road even more than the end of the journey itself. Speaks when he feels like he has something interesting to say and stays quiet if he doesn’t. Yet, some way or another, he always manages to keep a close watch on those ones he cares about.

    Through his calm, self-effacing facade he oozes such warmth and peace of mind that it is easy to believe that nothing bad can happen, as long as he is around. And mind you, so it is most of the time!

    Do you know him, Magnus? I bet you do. You’ve lifetime mates from day one.

    If you happen to see him reflected on the mirror one of these days, wish him a very Happy Birthday on my behalf. And lots of love.

    All the best and even better from Buenos Aires…

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