Race 4 kids with allergies

Hi you all,

I always wanted to make something special the year i turn 40. A personal challenge just for myself. Not for anyone else. I’m turning 40 in a few days and i have decided to race the Ironman distance sometime during the year I’m 40! For people that does not know its a 3,8km swim followed by a 180 km bike and last but not least a 42km run. I know its kid of crazy and specially with all the problems I’ve had with my body over the years. But I’ve always had this addictive personality and as you know I’ve always been keen on knowing more about training and how the body and mind reacts in different situations.  I currently have an inflammation in the patella tendon as an example but i hate to give up. When people say ”there is no way he can do that” i get inspired. A little bit as when someone from the Swedish Tennis Federation said ”no way he will make tennis player with that home cooked way of playing tennis”. HAHA!!

I have never been swimming before until January this year. Just started biking. Done a few marathons. But to put this all together will be a challenge. Cant wait to learn more and to get to know people in the Triathlon community!

While trying to find a good personal challenge i also felt that i wanted to try to raise money for a charity, that is close to me, at the same time. A sudden accident to one of my daughters ,when she was eating at home, made me realize that i want to get involved in the research of kids allergies. 30% of kids today live with some sort of allergy or asthma that makes their lives difficult. They have to adjust their lives at home, with friends and in school. But it does not need to be this way. Researchers are on the way of finding solutions that can make life more easy for all people with any kind of allergy.

Perhaps my daughters got the allergies from me. We don’t know. But its likely to be so. Ive personally been struggling with allergies my whole life and in my tennniscareer i often had a very tough time during the summer. Trying to perform physically at a high level at the same time fighting the allergies was tough at times. I was often weak and tired. I was affected physically when spending time in the same room as animals. I love animals but i have never been able to hold a cat or a dog in my whole life.

Please take a moment to read about allergies and asthma and how it affect our kids. It would mean a lot to me if you would get informed about allergies and what we can do to help kids that have allergies. Ultimately it would be amazing for me if you would like to support the foundation and me competing in the race:)

You can show your support on my crowdraising site by clicking here. When you do you will be able to follow my training and receive continued updates.

There will also be possibilities to have your company logo on my training and competition gear throughout the year for the support of the research on allergy. Contact me if you want more information.

100% of the proceeds will go straight to the Swedish Asthma and allergy foundation at the end of the Challenge.

Thank you very much. I will think about everyone of you when training and ultimately competing in the Ironman.

Allergi och Astma


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