Cold and wet in Wimbledon as well

Hi all,

I hope that you are well and enjoying your summer. Well, its upposed to be summer but for us working in the tennisindustry it has been kind of a weird summer so far.

French Open was cold and rainy. Wimbledon has been the same so far. Very wet and second round matches being played on Friday. Not easy for the organisations,fans and the players i must admit. It must be tough to be making schedules when you have to play catch up all the time. French Open did a fantastic job with the schedule despite the very bad weather. Wimbledon had more problems if you ask me. The schedule came as late as 10:30 pm one night. Perhaps its more complex on grass but certainly thats way to late for players having to wake up around 7 am for first matches.

I really want to thank Richard Krajicek for a few great weeks on the grass. It was really a nice experience for me and Stan working with a Grand Slam singles champion. I personally learned a lot of new things and he helped us a lot. The results were not immediate and not what we were looking for, but I’m sure it will show in the future.

A fantastic new this week has also been the approval of the building permit for the Catella Arena. A state of the art sport facility in Danderyd 15 minutes north of the the center of Stockholm. 30 minutes from the International airport in Stockholm. Its a project that started 9 years back as Tennisbase Sweden. I still keep the first handmade scatch that was made back then. There is so many people to thank along the way. Special thanks to my friend Viktor for making the introduction to our architect Martin Rangfast, at Tengbom, who has been there from day 1. Martin has spent multiple hours on this project. Martin will be there the whole way and i could not be happier with that. He saw the big picture and he understood what we were trying to build.  He never asked for money in the first hand. I really admire that. Big shout out also to my colleagues Nicklas and Mikael at Good to Great Tennis Academy who has been running this project the last years with amazing heart, professionalism and stubbornness. It has been a great privilege to follow the work done by Nicklas, Mikael and the whole team at Good to Great Tennis Academy. Also big thanks off course to the partners of Good to Great Tennis Academy and the investors making this possible. The center will be ready Q3 of 2017 with 7 indoor- and 7 outdoor tennis courts, 3 indoor- and 3 outdoor paddle courts, a professional athletic center with fitness coaches and fysios focusing on sport performance in general not only in tennis, a medical center, office space, a modern tennis equipment store, restaurant and lots more. It will be the new home for Good to Great and will also be an open facility for all people around the world to enjoy.


Follow Good to Great Tennis Academy for updates on programs and other activities!

My fundraiser Race 4 kids with allergies has so far raised 62 500 SEK with donations from over 35 people. THANK you so much for this. My former colleagues and tennis players as well as friends have contributed. Both myself and the Allergy and Asthma foundation are truly thankful. We will keep pushing and my goal is to gather 100 000 SEK after doing the Ironman. My training is going ok so far but still problem with my right knee even if its way better then few weeks ago. Still haven’t decided which Ironman to take part in but i will decide within weeks. It will depend on my working schedule a bit off course. Next weekend i will take part in a half Ironman in Sweden. It will be my first Triathlon competition. Im not really prepared for this event but i thought it could be a good occasion to get into competing. It is convenient as it is a 2h drive from home, and i think it will be quite different from training. I just want to get through the competition with a good feeling (knee and all) and learn how things works. Changing from swimming to biking etc. It will not be easy. Even though I’m a super competitive person i will try to take it easy and get my first event under my belt with a good feeling. Im actually super nervous to be honest.

Following the Triathlon competition i will be traveling to Detroit again for 5 days of ongoing education. As you might now I have been very interested in athletic training throughout my whole career and I’m curious to get to know more about how the body works. What influences peak performance? Why are we doing what we are doing? Is there another way to look at training perhaps? Can we train and rehab people another way than we do today? Love to get more knowledge in this area and something I’m thinking about is perhaps working integrated with both tennis and fitness. And why not in other sports than tennis.

Hope you are having a good weekend!

All the best, Magnus

5 thoughts on “Cold and wet in Wimbledon as well

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Markus,

    You should defo check out Zhealt. The neuro- approach to athletic training. Had been in copenhagen for a conference and I am very impressed since than.

    Best David

  2. Cecilia Falcón says:

    Hi! Hope you’d already got hold of your luggage, or sorted the big trouble some way. Few things are as infuriating as bags getting lost… yet it happens to everyone, at least once in their life…

    Onto nicer things, the Catella Arena and the new GTG premises look stunningly beautiful. How could it be otherwise, when so many fantastic people have been brought together to team up and work elbow to elbow in such an amazing project? Only one year to go until the opening!

    Regarding Triathlon, I happened to learn that Buenos Aires has hosted a first Iron Man event last March; and that another one is scheduled for the same month 2017.
    Certainly not an ideal date, right in the middle of Indian Wells and Miami…but then again…you never know…

    So! Get ready for your oncoming warm-up experience for a start. And do take care, for once it’s over, a new learning adventure will be awaiting you this side of the pond…

    All the best and even better from my “bottom half” of the world. Not as far away as it sounds, though!

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