Race report and unlucky with flights

Hi again,

Im writing to you this time from Newark airport on my way to Adrian Michigan. I have really been unlucky with my travels after Wimbledon. After Wimbledon i flew home and had a flight London-Dusseldorf-Stockholm with Air Berlin. Delayed out of London i missed my connection in Dusseldorf and had to spend the night at an airport hotel with my bags and all. My bags then got lost the following day for 5 straight days when traveling on a direct flight to Stockholm. My compensation was €40 from Air Berlin??!!

This time around i was supposed to fly Stockholm- New York- Detroit on Wednesday. Arrived well with SAS in New York before 3 flights!! with United Airlines got cancelled to Detroit on Wednesday night. The last one at 1 am. I got rebooked on a Delta flight at 6 am. The grounds people had no hotel within 1 hour from Newark, so i had to sleep on a chair at the airport. When changing terminal to get my boarding pass with Delta in the morning the ticket itself has been canceled (instead of rebooked) by United. I again had to take the air train change terminal to go to United to try solve the issue. I just make it on time for check in for the 6 am flight when they tell me its delayed until 10 am. So here i am. Without any sleep at all. Well into my 4th coffee in the last 2 hours. As I’m only here over the weekend for lectures its a huge blow for me off course. Compensation?! I doubt it.. This whole industry has some catching up to do to win my confidence back to say the least:)

Anyway. The time after Wimbledon has been spent with my family. Since 1 year back I’m making sure to spend a lot of time with my kids when I’m home. Its been a great investment really.

Since Stan lost early in Wimbledon i also entered an Ironman 70.3 race. An Ironman 70.3 is a half distance Ironman. The first official Ironman 70.3 race in Sweden ever. I was not really ”Triathlon prepared” but i decided to enter anyway just to get my first race under the belt. The experience was really good! Didn’t really know what to expect when i ran into the water. The swim was really good for a first race i think. Didn’t panic and finished with 36 minutes. Got stuck a bit on the way home and cruised to the end. The 500m run in wetsuit was also good before T1. Took my time and made a quite good transition to the bike. 90 km on the bike is quite long for me right now. Specially with the Tri bike i was using. Not used to the more aerodynamic positioning of the body on the bike. As i said I’m not prepared yet so i took my time and didn’t push to much. Still managed to pick up a 5 minute penalty for drifting to close to another cyclist. In long distance triathlon you are not supposed to be closer than 10 meter to any other cyclist. I picked up the penalty just after a long hill when everybody got jammed together. I had a laugh with the guys in the penalty box. In Triathlon when you get a penalty you have to stop at the the next penalty box when you receive a penalty by the umpires on the motorbikes. If you don’t stop you get disqualified. I lost 5 minutes there and also had to stop another time to go to the toilet. Didn’t push maximum and finished the 90 km bike in 2:47 with average speed of around 32,5 km/h. The run was the split i was worried about as i have only been able to run 8 times since February due to partial tear of the patella tendon. Quite crazy to compete in an Ironman i know but thats me. Im super happy with the knee. No pain whatsoever during or after the race. I finished the half marathon with 1:50. Not a great time but overall I’m super happy with my first race. No pain and we had a lot of fun. Looking forward to my next race and to the full Ironman:)

My fundraiser Race 4 kids with allergies is up to around 65 700 SEK with donations from over 38 people now. THANK you so much you that has donated or in any way contributed by sharing on social media etc. Much appreciated.

Wow, now I’m found sportsbar that is has tennis channel and live tennis from ATP 250 in Båstad. Bedene vs Brown. Awesome!! I miss båstad. Haven’t been there in a few years.

C u later guys!!


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