ATP Coach of the year award

Yesterday I got the honor to receive the ATP Coach of the year award.

Its special since I was selected by the coaches on the ATP tour to receive this award. The coaches who are out on the ATP tour on a day to day basis.

I also like the fact that coaches and teachers as a group get credited. The ATP coaches organization, as an example, is a great thing for tennis. Coaches are now frequently getting together, as a group, to discuss different topics in mens tennis from a coaches perspective. There is so much knowledge, passion and experience in the group of coaches out here working on the field. We are all here to help develop the ”product” mens tennis. Again, what makes this special is being appreciated by you guys. Thanks.

Photocred Riccardo Piatti
Photocred Riccardo Piatti

I think this is a good opportunity for me as coach to share the success we had over the year with a few people:

1. Stan

99% of this award belongs with Stan Wawrinka. He is the one on the court with the racket in his hand. He is the one doing all the hard work. He is the one faced with challenges that he has to overcome. What he has done over the last few years is amazing. We as a team give him tools but at the end of the day its about what you do with the tools. Its many times a rollercoaster with Stan but he has had the outstanding ability to produce some of his best tennis in big matches. It has both surprised me and inspired me.

2. The current and previous team of Stan

This award also belongs with the current Team Stan as well as the previous people involved with Stan. Pierre, Yannick, Seve, Pencil, Lawrence, Fred, Dimitri, Peter (Im sorry if i have missed someone). If you follow me you know how much i appreciate and admire the work that is being done with the players in early ages. I see the quality of the work you have done with Stan and it has made my job very easy. I admire you all for that.

3. My family

Last but not least on a more personal level i wanna thank Linda. The mother of our beautiful girls. Thanks for being the rock in the family, taking care of the show when I’m away 180 days every year for the last 4 years. Thanks for letting me do what I love. You have put your own civil career on hold for me to pursue a career in coaching. For that I will be forever grateful.

Have a great weekend friends!

From London, Magnus


  1. ah, beautiful…..
    thats like the ice-berg methaphor. without those lovely and kind words, we would just have seen your picture with men in suits just celebrating their privilege life on the tour….so, thanks

    1. Thanks!!

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