Food for Friday thoughts

”It always seems impossible until its done” – Nelson Mandela

*** Its does not matter how many letters you have after your name. What matters is how you get the message across to your athletes.

*** Its all about connections and communication. Connections of muscles, tendons, soft tissues, neurological adaptations and chain reactions in the body. Its about the connection and communication between coach-player. Its about the connection with body-mind and spirit.

*** High performance programs are not dependent on fancy facilities or high tech gadgets. It is the precise attention to details of the players needs. Its the experience and knowledge of the coaches working with the players. The ultimate validation of a training program is the results of the players. Longterm. Year after year.

*** Science is important but as science develops and gets narrowed down to microlevel its very easy to forget and loose sight of the big picture. A little bit like ”I can’t see the forest because of all trees”

*** The leaders who get the most out of their people are the leaders who care most about their people. 

”Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them” -Albert Einstein

Have a nice weekend friends!


One thought on “Food for Friday thoughts

  1. Silvia Gonzalez says:

    Those are very good thoughts and can be applied both in tennis and in life. I kept one for myself and some of my daily battles: “Once we accept your limits, we go beyond them”.
    And I kept another one, related with the big picture. In Argentina, my country and home, we say: “Qué el árbol no te tape el bosque”, which is similar to your ”I can’t see the forest because of all trees”. When you see the big picture everything get the perfect meaning.

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