Back in Stockholm

Back in Stockholm after 4 days vacation in Dubai on the way home after Australia. Really like Dubai as you know exactly what you get. Sunshine, beach, food and shopping. Spent amazing time with my kids and family on the beach. Feeling ready to get back in the groove again. The academy, the training and the everyday duties.

Unfortunately the older guys will be playing ITF Futures by the time I get back home. They will be playing in Egypt and other countries but I’m looking forward to jump in and work with all the other players if needed and also get involved in all other areas of the academy. Our new partner Wilson is coming over for some internal education as well and we also have “open training” this week. Many thing happening.

I think we are at a point in our short history where we are soon ready to take the next step with our small academy Good to Great.

We will start with U10 tennis and we will soon announce the recruitment of a person responsible for building up that segment together with our team.

We are constructing a performance- and medical center within the building as well and the goal is to build something that is cutting edge and top notch. As we all now its not the building that defines quality, its the people working in the building that makes a successful program. Therefore its now important that we recruit the right people.

If you feel like you are a good match with our values you should look out for the new recruitments coming soon on the Good to Great homepage

*** We need direction, honest coaches and leadership, not marketing and hype.

*** Everybody works hard. But whats YOUR definition of hard?

*** Congrats Team Sweden for winning the Davis Cup tie this weekend!

*** Its does not matter how many letters you have after your name. In coaching what matters is how you get the message across to your athletes!

Have a great week you all!


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