Partner in CAPA Karlstad endurance races

In late 2015, I started to get interested in Triathlon and endurance sports in general. I love the versatility of running, cycling and swimming. One day you can run. The next day, you are a little worn out in the legs and swim instead. Great weather outside you take your bike for a spin. It is also possible to combine Triathlon with my profession as a tennis coach when traveling.

I have no background in any of the disciplines. To be really good in the Triathlon, I believe it is essential to have competed in one of the disciplines before. My goal is not to compete and win however. I love to compete BUT my goal with Triathlon is something else and thats a great feeling. I compete with myself and I have found something where I develop all the time, despite my age. I had never swum before January 2016. In July 2016 I did a half Ironman and crawled all the way. I know I will never be the best in running, swimming or cycling. I have been number two in the world in a different sport. This is something else. Triathlon is a place where I collect energy.

I can honestly say that I’ve been very active in my life. During my active career I trained insanely much. I had an incredible drive when I think back. I trained 2-3 sessions a day for more than 10 years. I ran in the morning before my “regular” workout because I thought I would get more out of the sessions if I was a little tired when I started them. When i was in school and had 1h break i went to the gym. It almost got me to number 1 in the world. Now I see the training primarily as a energy source in everyday life, as I said. Something I turn to in order to be able to perform well in life and to feel good. I’m now coach of Stan Wawrinka with about 180 traveling days a year, I run the Good to Great Tennis Academy with a few friends north of Stockholm and i have twin girls at home. It live a busy life but I like it that way. But to cope better with my duties I prioritize daily exercise.


It feels fantastic to now be able to combine my newfound passion for Triathlon and endurance sports and to do this in my home region of Värmland. Pär and Camilla have created 6 very well managed endurance races in Karlstad that I will now be a part of. Im really looking forward to further develop the races and the sport together with Pär and all the great partners of CAPA Karlstad. We hope that the races will continue to attract all categories of athletes and we hope that we have the chance to welcome the very warm and genuine Triathlon- and endurance family to Värmland. We want the races to continue to feel personal and well organized. Perhaps there will also be some surprises along the way.

Welcome to Värmland and any of our races in the future!



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