Indian Wells

Hi all,

Hope you have a good time and that the winter is treating you well if you are in Europé. February has been all about work for me personally. Lots of time spent with our academy Good to Great off course. As you all know we are not finalizing the plans for our new center. Even if we are 11 months away from striking the first ball the main decisions about the building have now been taken. Im really impressed by our project group working with the center that has managed this in great fashion.

I also had the opportunity to visit the GPTCA course in Hungary during the month. Inspiring to see all coaches there to attend the course and hungry to learn. Attila Savolt was the brain behind the conference and has done a great job. Thanks so much. Also inspiring for me to spend a few days with Toni Nadal among others and to learn about the financial recourses being put into sport in general by the government in Hungary now. Will be interesting to follow! The venue where the coaches conference was held was also the venue for the WTA event as well as the ATP Challenger event.

Now its time for Indian Wells. Another fantastic stop on the ATP World Tour. Another tournament that keeps improving year by year. Always a new development for fans and or players every year. We haven’t done so well in the desert last years. This year the hope I have is to be able to play and practise like we intend to do. As you all have seen the knee of Stan has been an issue the last few events but it keeps improving bit by bit. The trend is positive. As a professional athlete your body is your tool that you work with. We depend on our bodies as a race car depend on the car. We need to move explosive and free without pain in all directions. That has to be the superior objective. I’m very positive.

AND the training for Ironman??.. Well. I have spent a lot of quality time with my family last few weeks when not working so its been tough to scrap in the training but I’ve done my best. If you happen to be interested you can head over to Strava to follow my open profile Magnus Norman over there:)..

Ok folks. Touch down Los Angeles. Just a few hours drive to Indian Wells and straight on to the practice court. Perhaps there will be time for a stop at my nr 2 favourite burger joint In N Out burger on the way. Always a classic.

Keep you posted from Indian Wells!

1 thoughts on “Indian Wells

  1. Cecilia Falcón says:

    Hi; and welcome back to this side of our world.

    Those burgers sound like some kind of mouth-washing stuff to eat! Could you taste a semla on Mardi Gras before leaving Sweden? End of “food department” 🙂

    If February was a fruitful month, March could be quite as good, couldn´t it?

    All the best in IW and Miami for you and Stan, // C.

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