Not only a sport clinic. Not only a gym.

Hi guys,
I havent written here in a long while. As i said when i started the blog i will only write when i feel for it and i don’t want he pressure on writing something every week. I wanna write when I feel I need to write. Not when I HAVE to write because someone tells me to.

However there is a lot of things that is happening at the moment. First and foremost and as you might know I’m not working with Stan Wawrinka anymore. A very very tough decision that i had to make as I’ve loved every minute of my work with Stan. We shared so many memories over the years and he has become a part of my family as well as I’ve been a part of his family. I could never have asked for a better player to work with and i could never imagine having the results that we had together. I believe Stan has many great years ahead of him and I wanna thank Stan and his team for some amazing years. I also wanna thank the fans of Stan for sticking with Stan and as i said I’m sure he has many years of great tennis ahead of him so keep supporting team Stan!

Im excited to spend time at home with my family but also scared off course having to spend the whole winter back in the snow:) No Australia after christmas will definitely feel strange. My time working will now be devoted to the Good to Great Tennis Academy in Stockholm. We are building a new academy that will be ready in February 2018 with 7 indoor and 7 outdoor tennis courts. The program will be the same but in reality the new facilities will give as a huge momentum and possibilities. We will move from 5 days of training to 6 days and have a whole different possibilities to host guests, tournaments, events etc etc.

We are also building a 300 sqm fitness center and a 150 sqm sports medical center. 18 dorm rooms for players to stay in as well as a restaurant that will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Facilities are one thing but we are working hard to fill the new facilities with great content. We are not only building a fitness center and putting machines there, we have a thought with what machines we put there. We are not just putting together a sports clinic. We are putting together a great sports clinic with people that I’m trusting to 100%.

We currently have 32 player that we help under our wings in our annual program. Player that practice with us and I’m many cases also travels to tournaments with our coaches. We have good players on all levels from 11 years of age up until the professional tour with our PRO TEAM with 6 player traveling the ITF future and ATP challenger level together with Luca and Peter in the PRO TEAM.

In the spring of 2018 we will also see the birth of Good to Great CAMPS. We will start with the Good to Great summer camps for 10-15 year olds and the Good to Great Mini Camps for 7-10 year olds this spring. Something new and a chance for anyone be get involved and get a feel for the spirit at the academy. I know what a great addition training camps can be for you program.

Me as a 10 year old kid at the Percy Rosberg camp in Båstad

Apart from the work related to Good to Great Tennis Academy Im also working with Karlstad Triathlon as you might know and very much a fan of the sport in general. We have moved dates next year to 1-2 September. Late summer and a possibility for all Triathletes to have a race a little bit later during the season. We have a few great news for the Karlstad Triathlon event next year that and I also have a few personal goals that I will share with you soon:)

Thats all for now. Hope to update you soon again.

Keep being humble to each other.


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