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Hi again,

Its a new week back in Stockholm. The snow has been here just saying hello and then it went away again. Like the last few years its pretty mild in november/december. However we still hope for a white Christmas.

Been working everyday on court at Good to Great Tennis Academy these last few weeks. Its a priveledge to be part of a growing organisation and a growing academy and all the chains and connections that are being there. Is it easy? Hell no! Its very complex. We have a huge task in front of us. The whole chain is not running smooth thats for sure. Perhaps it never will. But we will try our best to make as few mistakes as possible! Thats a good start?✌?

Right now we are looking for a coach that I supposed to work within our team with our development group. Its hugely important work. We have to find the right person with the right mindset. Someone who is not afraid to work hard within our team and to share with all coaches. The person also has to multi skilled as their is other things involved in the job than just being on the court. We need the person that can create a positive energy even under stress and will be our culture bearer! Someone that can take own initiatives. If you think it might fit you please apply to

We are also just a few months away from completing our new facility in Stockholm. It will be a great venue open for all. Please visit us if you are in Stockholm. The academy is 13 minutes away from the central station in Stockholm so its a city academy with all the good things that goes with it.

The gym looks to be really good as well as the sports clinic within. We have really tried to think about what an athlete might need. Not just throw in equipment from a sponsor. We bought the equipment that we think will make better athletes. Its a huge difference.

Im also really excited to be a part of a mentorship program with the Swedish Tennis Federation. Its an amazing lineup of former players and coaches who will be mentors to a group of Swedish coaches. The coaches will apply to the mentorship program themselves. Its a start of something that I hope and think will grow to something really strong for Swedish Tennis.

Here is the lineup of amazing mentors.

Big things do matter, but the little things also matter. Pay attention to detail but never get caught up and lose sight of the big picture

Keep growing.

About practice. Today’s session must fit in the context of the whole training plan and program. Great performance in competition is set up by consistent work in training, not one great workout. Today’s workout is important but remember it is one of many in pursuit of a goal.

Support and prepare the athlete then step aside and let them perform.

It is not necessary to get in the last word.

Forgive but don’t forget.

By the way! Who else is missing the ATP and WTA tennis tours?? Cant wait for the new ATP and WTA season to begin again. Life is not the same without the ATP/WTA tour live score application?

Have a great Thursday friends!


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