Melbourne. A new year with new goals and new priorities both personal and workwise. 

I was happy to start yet another year together with my family in the north of Sweden. Doing some skiing and catching up on life. We went to the skiing villige of Sälen where i have spent 1 week for the last 15 years. Really like it there. Then we went to Bollnäs which is also in the north and where Linda is from. We had a really good time there as well. Good snow and weather that invited us for beeing outside. 

After the holiday i went back to the academy to work with coach Martin for a few days. Martin is going to Australia with juniors Caijsa Henneman and Gustaf Ström and had asked me to join him for a few days which i gladly accepted offcourse.

Martin and Caijsa at work
Martin and Caijsa at work

We had some really high quality days with Karl Friberg and Ipek Soylu. It was the sort of days where you can almost touch improvement. Thanks also to coach Dejan who contributed to the quality. The fact is that Good to Great Tennis Academy has 4 players qualified in the main draw in Australian Open juniors. Not to chubby for a small place up in the north right? 🙂 Apart from Caijsa and Gustaf the team will also be Harry Wendelken from Great Britain and Otto Virtanen from Finland going with coach Peter Carlsson.

Harry and coach Peter after winning SALK Open ITF G3 last week

Equally happy to start the new full season together with Stan in Melbourne again. We had a good preseason together and he had a pretty good first week in Doha reaching quarters as well.  Looking forward to spend a week on the court together in Melbourne before the first Grand Slam of the year. To build for a healthy and succesful season for the team. Looking forward to go from -16 degrees celcius to +40:). First few days will be tough as always. 

Melbourne is also a perfect spot to get some health sessions in. I love the culture of living outside here. To go for a morning run alongside the Yarra river is one of my absolute favourites. Speaking about training i havent been able to do as much as i like because of my knee pains. I have gained a few pounds over christmas haha  but hey… Its not the end of the world. I hope to get back on track here in Australia where its easy to stay healthy. I still have hopes to compete in Ironman Cork this summer so fingers crossed. 

I will try to share some pictures from the trip down under on my Instagram account @swedennorman

Last but not least. Good to Great alumni players Mikael Ymer and Aryna Sabalenka starting the seasons in really good fashion with pro titles. Always happy when former pupils are finding new paths that leads to success. Gives me as a coach huge satisfaction. The opposite is a nightmare and the sort of things that keeps you awake at night.

Well well, its 4:30 am in Melbourne. Jet lag deluxe haha. Time to go for a short run before the monrning coffee i guess:)

Stay healthy friends. Remember to not take health for granted. Its a priveledge to be healthy and we should be happy for it everyday we wake up. Some people dont have that luxury.

Have a nice week!


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  1. Michael Commandeur says:

    hi Magnus,
    Your comment is balanced in almost every way, in one I can not quite follow you, the next gen could win Not 1 set in their lost matches against old gen Boys, what should one conclude, the way is still far, they have to hard work. See you soon and take care of yourself.
    Good luck for your academy

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