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Hope you are having a good time. November is not exactly my favorite month but its all about how you approach your day. The month has been ok but nothing extraordinary. Just daily grind. Going about business trying to develop all the different aspects of life. As a father and as a coach. Not complaining but trying to be the best everyday. Believing in what you are doing and not listening to no-sayers. Do instead of talk. Wake up early and chase those dreams. To many people just talk. Big words. It all sounds amazing but then what? If you dont back up what you say there will be no trust. Big words dont mean anything if you can’t follow up with actually living by what you have preeched. Respect is for me built by doing before talking. In November you need character. You need to find that passion from the inside when its dark outside. The boost. How do you find that boost of motivation? I think by setting goals! You can complain or you can set goals and work toward that goal. Thats is the boost! The egnition! The goal can be personal and you don’t need to tell anyone about it if you don’t like but goal setting is a great motivational boost. I have had many goals in life. I still have. I don’t care if people laugh at what i do or perhaps thinks something is weird. I have more confidence in my abilities and knowledge. I have my philosophies and my principles and I stick to them before anything else. I know who i am. I know my strenths and also my weaknesses. I want results. I take full responsability if things does not work out. My principles are my road map in life. No money in the world is more important than living by those principles. You should to! If you believe in something just outwork the negative people! Believe in what you do! Dont stop and always learn.

A good friend of mine told me about the 7 golden rules of his coaching philosophy last week. I enjoyed that very much and appreciated the time he took to share this with me. I also came across a few interesting bulletpoints from the website on what succesful people DONT do in life. Great insight and stuff that i want to share along with you guys. The text underneeth the bulletpoints are my own.

1. Give Up On The Unhealthy Lifestyle

Wow! What a great start! To give energy to others you need to have energy yourself. It starts from inside and out.

2. Give Up The Short-term Mindset

Yes yes yes!! Long-term goals. Visions. Process driven. There are many words but something else to back it up in real life. The people that can do this are winners.

3. Give Up Your Excuses

This goes very much for sports as well and tennis specifically. You will looose A LOT of points in tennis. You will loose A LOT of matches. The winners are the ones that learns no matter winning or loosing and never complains or finds outside excuses.

4. Give Up The Fixed Mindset

Growth mindset rules. Angela Duckworth is an author that has written books on mindset. I Especially the book GRIT. Recommended reading.

5. Give Up Believing In The “Magic Bullet.”

Yes yes yes! There is no secret sauce. Passion beats talent.

6. Give Up Your Perfectionism

Yes it will become to tough on yourself if you try to be perfect all the time. Try to be your best insead.

7. Give Up Multi-tasking

Something i need to work on everyday. BUT im getting way better!

8. Give Up Your Need to Control Everything

Tough when you have high standards but also tough to gro if you are not able to trust others.

9. Give Up On Saying YES To Things That Don’t Support Your Goals

Both yes and no. Someyimes i like to do things that has zero relevance to my goal but perhaps i need to change things up to gain motivation.

10. Give Up The Toxic People

Candy to my ears.

11. Give Up Your Need To Be Liked

More candy.

12. Give Up Wasting Time

Bulls eye. Perhaps TO much time are wasted at talking instead of doing? Planning is very important. No doubt about that! This has to take time and a lot of thought..but in my humble opinion there are perhaps to much time wasted on endless meetings with not that much conclusions?

Those 12 bullets are really something that got me thinking. Great stuff.

Anyway. Enough about that. Today is Saturday night after a good day of training with the players at the academy this morning. The players wanted my input. They wanted to give energy to each other. Fantastic as a coach to be on court with those kind of sessions. THANKS for making my Saturday.

The academy is a constant work however. In my eyes we do certain things good but we also have big improvements to make in many areas. Im very happy that we now have a nutritionist and lifestyle coach at the academy that the players can meet on a regular base. For us its about building a team. This takes time. The road is not straigth. The best coach might not by default be the right fit for a team of coaches. Next thing for Good to Great is to find is a mental coach to be in the team. BUT rather than throwing in people in the organisation is about building a team. This is the tough part.

Above 3 of the coaches from our team. Next week will be my last week at home (befere travelling 2 weeks) starting on Monday. I hope it will be a good week. It WILL be a good week! Im planning some exciting sessions at the academy and a few good sessions myself i hope to keep beeing energised.

Speaking about my own training. I havent been able to run that much because of my knee again but at least now i know what causes the pain. Im suffering from Arthritis in my knee. Have to train different with this in mind and also my age in mind. I see this as a great way of learning more about training and a nice challenge. Lets see how things will go. Im entered for Ironman Cork the 23 of June.

The new season is winding up. On and off the court.

Have a nice evening!











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