Guidelines in your work

At the Good to Great Tennis Academy we have created a document that we call the Good to Great model for player development. Its a living document that all coaches has created together. Its basic principles that we think its important to have in mind when working with player development. We made the dokument having younger players in mind,but it can also be tweaked to use at more developed players. Our strong belief is that all coaches have their own way of working with players. They should. But we think that it can be good for us coaches to have guidelines and some references in our work. It allows us to have a better understanding and better odds to make the right decisions along the way. It allows us to invest our time and recourses the right way because there is no single pathway to success in sport. I think we all can agree on that?

Here are some of the most important points for us in our model and perhaps you can find some inspiration and create something similar at your tennis club, academy or for yourself if you work alone. Its a template but its up to each individual/coach to make the effort to produce its own content. It makes no sense to copy someone else and with respect to Good to Great Tennis Academy i will not publicize the content of the Good to Great model. Here are the important points that could perhaps work as an inspiration.

The coach
– What defines a good coach
– Substainability. How to be able to work long term with the same energy as a coach

The player
– Principles in modern tennis on mens and women side
– What defines a successful athelete
– Coach the person not the player

The training
– How much in different ages
– The environment
– Effective training
– Periodisation
– Different drills in relation to modern tennis

Hope you will all have a great week!

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