Put on your own mask before helping others

Back in Sweden again after a few weeks in Australia. I love traveling. Could not live without it as it runs in my blood from a very young age. One of the best things with traveling however is coming home after a few weeks on the road. I really appreciate what i have at home more when i travel. Sounds weird right but thats a fact for me. I love the changes in life. I never think i will be able to stay at the same place forever without moving. Love the different cultures, the struggles, meeting new people as well as seeing new places. But to come home these days gives me a huge satisfaction and a calmness.

My priorities when I’m home these days is my 2 kids and my family. For a few years i didn’t really make those priorities and i wasn’t really feeling great about it. I was always putting myself last. I had no energy left in my tank for friends and my family. I gained weight as a result of not living a healthy substainable life really. I felt that i needed to change my habits a bit in order to be able to keep doing what i doing over time. Today my priority when I’m home is my family and my own health and well being. Im proud about the changes i made. It has made me realize that it increased my chances to keep doing what I’m doing, with substained energy, for much longer time. Just the luxury to be able to drop off and collect the kids from kindergarten is amazing and gives me so much back. I feel like I’m a better father and I hope i can have the possibility to work with athletes and player development for as long as i physically and mentally can. I will however always make sure i have a little time for my own well being as well.

Im also very blessed to have a great team around me as well as a great player that really cares about his team. Exactly a year ago, as an example, i had a few weeks off and took my family on a trip to catch up on time together. It was extremely valuable for us as a family. However not all players are like that. Not many people care about the coaches and how they are holding up. Many coaches work long hours. Weekends. Early mornings. Late nights. And they get almost zero credit. Specially working with younger players. My advice is to think about your health in the first place. Before everything else. Even if its just for a little while every day i encourage you to make that investment for your career. You will be a better coach and you will be able to give more to your players for a longer period of time. And you will feel better on top of everything!

Its a little bit like the flight attendants will instruct us on the airplanes before take off and in case of an emergency landing ”Please put on your own mask before helping others”.

Have a nice Thursday you all!!

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