Hi all,

Hope you are all well. Haven’t had the time, energy or inspiration to write for quite some time. When I restarted writing I said to myself to only write when I feel I need to write and when I have the time. I don’t like to add to the things we “have to” do as i think we have enough of those pressures in life. Writing and sharing should be joyful. Thanks for understanding. However today I felt the need to reflect with myself a little bit again after another few tough weeks. Thanks for all the support for our team. It means very much specially in tough times. Its easy to be a supporter when things go well. I really had the feeling things could go really well in Rome again but it wasn’t to be this week. I wanna thank Stan for putting in the effort throughout the week and also to Yannick for being there. We tried. We failed. But we will try again! Next week we will have another go in Geneva. I will fly back home to my family and kids for 2 days before starting to prepare in Geneva. Hope you will be with us in Geneva!

How is my own training going? Well, my patella tendon is still hurting. Tried ro run a bit last week but I’m just not ready yet. Thanks for all the advices on how to get better! I will not give up.


Oh! And thank you Italian Open for treating old coaches with complimentary haircuts as well. Classy!

Have a nice weekend you all!


5 thoughts on “Rome

  1. Cecilia Falcón says:

    Welcome back! I supposed there was something of the kind going on.

    Writing is meant for the writer’s pleasure first and readers’ afterwards. Yet, yours we will be here when you feel like sharing something with us, new or old.

    So keep on healing your knee and taking good care of Stan. He needs you. You’ve always done him so good!

    Btw and looking onto the bright side, complimentary haircut looks great!

    All the best in Stockholm, Geneve and anywhere the journey may lead you.


  2. Tani says:

    Even though it was over too soon it was still to support the Stanimal team in Rome! See you in Paris back stronger!

  3. Zuber says:

    Hi Magnus,
    I totally agree with what you said about writing, that it has to be joyful and not a “have to”. Life is hard enough sometimes and our freedom is thinking and writing when we feel like doing it or not.
    I will here tell you how you and your all team are important to Stan and to the sport in general, the way you talk about it is philosophy. As you said you went through tough times and we, all the supporters of Stan and your team, are behind you because it’s so important! It is great to have friends in good times when everything is going well but it is much more important to feel their support in those harder days. I would like to thank you like thousands of supporters for your magnificent work you and your team are doing. I am from Geneva and off course I will attend the Geneva Open to support our champ!! Dear Magnus again many thanks for everything you and your team are doing and no doubt that the best is to come. Enjoy the times with you family, it’s so important certainly the most important thing in the life. Catherine Zuber (sorry for my bad English) and hopefully you will receive my comment

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