Say no to good to reach great

Hi all,

I hope you are having a great time. Summer in Europe and many people are on holidays. Time to recharge and reflect for many of us. So also for me. Time for a few days off at home after a great weekend in Michigan again.

Me and the fitness coach of Good to Great Tennis Academy, Viktor Tuurala, are during 2016 trying to acquire new knowledge about the body and how we can take advantage of that knowledge in training and rehab. The education is incredible strong. Its really cutting edge and a new method of thinking when it comes to movement. Its really strong when people from the whole world and from different background come together and share their knowledge. We hope that we can introduce this concept in small chunks and to start training our players within the method when our own tennis facilities will be up and running at the end of 2017. Within the center Good to Great will operate a fitness and medical center that will be for the players in the academy but we will most likely also be open for the general crowd.

David Cup week this week. Davis Cup was and is always a priority for the Swedish players as far as i know. However for you who is following my blog you know that i think the Davis Cup needs to somehow change its format to appeal more to fans and players going forward. I see a potential risk for Davis Cup if changes are not done. Big decisions off course and not easy but i thinks its necessary to try something new to refresh this great event. If that change is playing best of 3 sets, play Davis Cup every second year only or something else i don’t really know. As you might also know if you follow me i was all for ATP ranking points in the Olympics. Off course i don’t have all the information to why the decision was being made to not have any points in the Olympics and my view is strictly from my own perspective without any politics involved. But i think the Olympics for tennis was really successful in Beijing and London with everyone competing. Its was really starting to be a prestigious tennis event that players wanted to win badly. Every sport in unique and has its own pros and cons. I think it would have been great to keep ranking points in the Olympics and add in the Olympic prestige and representing your country. Pretty cool! Now you have an ATP event at the same time as the Olympics and it all does not make sense for me. However great to see Johanna Larsson from Sweden reaching her goal to compete in the Olympics. She got criticized in Sweden for skipping Fed Cup earlier in the year to be able to prepare for making a spot in the Olympics. Now when we have the result we can see that her team made the right choice. You sort of have to be able to say no to good things in order to reach great things.

When speaking about Johanna Larsson i can see a very interesting first round in Båstad WTA between her and upcoming Swede Rebecca Peterson. Tough draw for both on different level. Will be interesting to follow.

The american hardcourt swing is starting this week as well. Its a great time of the year. Will be interesting to follow the results in the initial tournaments.

Hope you will have a great week wherever you are!


2 thoughts on “Say no to good to reach great

  1. Ola H says:

    The reason she can play Olympics is because she playd Fed Cup, right?
    So maybe she should be more grateful and play Fed Cup for Sweden. A week in February shouldn´t effect a week in August?
    And also, mayby she should Think a Little bit about what she got from the Federation when she was Young in Team Twilfit…

    • magnus says:

      Thanks for your reply. Good thoughts! Here are my answers:

      – She is qualified because she played well on the WTA tour and earned a good enough ranking
      – A week in February has huge effect on the performance in August. Specially if you have to produce results during the period between February and August in order to qualify
      – She has paid back to Swedish Tennis multiple times. She was always playing Fed Cup for Sweden and i think representing Sweden in the Olympics was a huge pay back if anything! It also happened to be her personal goal.

      Thanks again for your reply Ola H

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