Opening ceremony tonight!

Hi all,

Hope you had a good week!

Olympic games opening ceremony is on tonight. I have been blessed to attend the one in Sydney as a player and the one in Beijing as a coach. Amazing to see and meet all the athletes from around the world. My best memory as a coach was to wake up early (as always) to go to the gym and see all the different athletes preparing. Call it a freak show or just brutal athletes that comes in all sorts and sizes. Just amazing really. As a player it was a great experience being part of something bigger for your country and to have the support from all the other athletes from your country. Apart from all the amazing aspects that the Olympic games brings i still can’t help to feel a little bit of a bad smell though. The big expensive arenas being built (that are many times not even used after), the corruption and doping scandals, athletes are told what to tweet and what not to tweet from the games and all the things around sort of takes a little bit away. Thats a little bit sad really in my opinion. The Olympics should be a big celebration of sports. Anyway. Still looking forward to the games. Really sad for our team that Stan will miss the games. The Olympics was the first event we put down when we made the schedule for 2016 so i know how much it hurts for him not being able to play.

Enjoy the games and have a nice weekend!





2 thoughts on “Opening ceremony tonight!

  1. Cecilia Falcon says:

    Hi back!

    As a proud representative of the Americas I will be watching the Opening Ceremony from beginning to end.

    Rio and Buenos Aires share the same time zone; what (for once!) makes things much easier for us. Try not to fall asleep over there!

    Regarding Stan, he will be seriously missed during the parade of the athletes as well as on courts. And so would you.

    Hoping to see both back to work soon, I’m wishing you all the best as usual.

    Enjoy the evening, Cecilia.

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