Hi all,

After days of considerations and rehab we are finally on our way to Cincinnati. Positive news. Clear to compete. Cant wait to get over to the US again. Especially since I haven’t been in Cincinnati in a few years. I used to love the event as a player even if the results for me there were really poor. It normally is crazy hot during the tournament and I had problems with the conditions there. I probably would have played a little different schedule before the US hardcourt swing if I would have had another chance. I normally came from clay events in Europe and its quite a change. Anyway. Done is done. We all learn as life goes on.

Ive seen pictures on the upgrades they have made In Cincinatti and it will be nice seeing them live. This year the event also has a new tournament director.

Combined event with the WTA in Cincinnati as well. Normally means tougher for us to get practice courts but nice for the spectators I guess.

Any tips on what to do in Cincinnati by the way? Anyone know of a swimming pool where its allowed to train as a visiting guest by any chance? While we are at the subject I’m also looking for a place to hang out at or people to train with while in New York. The Tri community is really awesome.

Other then that its been a few really nice weeks off for me in Sweden. The summer has been amazing really. Normally my allergies are really bad in the summer but THIS summer its been better then ever! Im now almost 100% sure that allergies are partly linked with our general health. Ive been experimenting with eating less sugar and less processed carbohydrates for a while. Not primarily because of allergies but a great side effect has been that my allergies this year has been minimal. Im positive that its part because of the experiment with the eating habits. On top of that i also haven’t been sick in quite a while. It can’t be a slump. The immune system has also improved. Im motivated to help other people and perhaps share my story on allergies! Lets see how that will play out in the future.

But first of all i can’t wait to get started in Cincinnati.

So long!


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