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Hi all,

Hope that you have a wonderful Sunday. We have been in New York the past few days preparing for the US Open starting on Monday. The weather has been really hot and humid so its been a great few days here for training. The facilities and service for the players in New York keeps improving for every year. This year the talk of the tournament is the new Grandstand court. And after the tournament this year the USTA will start the construction of a new Louis Armstrong stadium as well. With a roof. Its just amazing what kind of facilities that the Grand Slam federations have. Not to talk about the budgets that these countries have for player development.

This week we have boys from the academy competing in Canada ITF grade 1 together with coach Peter Carlsson. I really want to credit the boys Jonas and Karl as well as the whole team at Good to Great Tennis Academy for an amazing effort to have these Swedish boys in Canada this week (and the US Open next week). This has been made possible by the team sponsor Catella, by hard work from the players and the great passion from coach Peter throughout the whole year. Catella has given the team the possibility to play and compete together the whole year. The have played mainly outside and been on the road a lot together. Hats off to everyone involved and keep working hard! This is hopefully just the start of a great journey!

Hope you will enjoy the US Open the next couple of weeks!

All the best, Magnus


3 thoughts on “Team Catella

  1. Cecilia Falcón says:

    Hi! And glad to see you here again.

    I’ve been thinking for long about the reasons lying behind the fact of so many tennis players from all Europe outnumbering people from other continents, in any kind of tournaments.

    Well, today’s post answered my question with two words. Budget and sponsorship. Generous sponsorship, I mean.

    For various motives that are too long to explain, both items are scarce in South America, including Argentina, my homeland.

    So, how did our Davis Cup team manage to reach SF for two years in a row (and the final in 2015) is beyond me. It is true that there is a bunch of our guys getting around courts everywhere all the time, with Delpo coming back as their flagship…But there must be something else in them I can’t discern. In sports as well as in life, can passion and guts make up for the many other things we lack? I wonder…

    Whatever… All the best wishes go for your boys in Canada. You are making such a labour of love with them, as well as with kids with allergies and the auction. Hats off to that creative idea!

    As for US Open, I hope my interest in it stays alive until September 11th. In the meantime, enjoy the Big Apple in all the many aspects the city can be enjoyed. You’ll be spoiled for choice!!!

    Southern good vibes, C.

  2. Shiva Bala says:

    Thanks! For paving the way to exhibit their true talents from players like Robin Soderling and Stan Wawrinka!
    I was very sad to see Sorderling retire early, but was fortunate to see him perform the way tennis was meant to be.

    Stan Wawrinka is special treat for tennis fans! Never get tired of watching his best tennis!

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