US Open 2016

Hi again,

Last time i wrote was after the event in Cincinnati. I was kind of frustrated as I thought we had done quite a good work but the results didn’t come. But guess what? Hard work and belief often pays off.

I admire Stan for many things. One of the things i really like is that you will always get a straight and honest answer from him. He has no hidden agenda. He will always be honest. No matter WHO it is. No matter if the answer will make him look ”less good”. He is not afraid to show vulnerability. This goes for his tennis as well.

He knows he can improve his week to week consistency- he is open with that.
He knows he can challenge any player on a good day- he is not afraid of stating that.
He got shit nervous before the final in US Open- he was honest with that as well.

You don’t hear a lot of athletes totally open and with this mindset.

For me it shows courage and great personal foundation in life.There is something very strong and human in showing emotions and it takes pride and strenght to not hide away.

Its not until you accept your limits and your shortcoming that you can start pushing past those limits.

The brain and strategist behind our team is Pierre Paganini. From day 1 I had a big respect for the work he had done. Now 4 years later I must admit that I have even more respect for Pierre. I know its not a coincidence that Stan is built like he is. He has build Stan like a diesel machine with the ability to be explosive like a 500 horsepower race car.

Everyone from his agent Lawrence (Starwing sports) to fitness coach Pierre has a big part of the 3 Grand Slam wins. We have made smart decisions along the way. Small details that in the end plays a big part.

Stan is now again qualified for the year end championships in London. I personally feel like I have the best job in the world. I feel very blessed and feel very privileged to work with such a gifted and talented player and in a team that are so knowledgeable. Most of all i think highly of the team because, in a world where money talks, they have great values.

Next up is St Peterbursg before going to Asia. Next tournament for me will be in Tokyo.

Hope you are all having a great time. Enjoy your weekend!

Oslo Marathon for me on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed:)



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