Stockholm Open

The trip to Shanghai didn’t turn out as expected. I was excited after the great hardcourt summer in the US and the indoor final in St Petersburg a few weeks later. But this is sports. We played Gilles Simon who played a really great match so all credit to him. We need to learn and move on. Thats the only way forward. Thanks to all amazing fans of Stan in Shanghai that made the week special. We hope to be back and play well next year!

Next event for Stan is Basel. A tournament that has not been that successful the last years for us, so its a great challenge again. Stan has already won a title in his country this year and it would be really good to have another good run in Basel. Cant wait!

As you might now I’m a Triathlon fan. As such, it was amazing to follow the live coverage from the World Ironman championships from Kona last week. Daniella Ryf from Switzerland and Jan Frodeno from Germany put on some amazing human efforts to win. Its crazy to see what level of endurance these athletes have. Im so impressed and a week after the race i still feed of inspiration after seeing these athletes compete side by side against each other. Im my eyes these athletes are in the forefront of training, nutrition, recovery and how to handle a high load of training throughout life. Speaking of Triathlon I can’t wait to get home and work out on my new Tomahawk bike.

I will spend 3 days in Sweden now before flying to Detroit for the final stretch of the movement course i have been doing throughout 2016. Its a course primarily for fitness coaches and physical therapists (osteopaths etc) but it has been hugely rewarding for me as a sport specific coach as well. I have a much deeper understanding of functional movement now compared to 12 months ago. Im already thinking differently in a positive way and ultimately I hope it will benefit the players I’m coaching in the end. Its been great to meet and get to know all the 100 gifted athletic trainers and physical therapists in the 2016 GIFT class from all over the world.

Im sad to miss the Stockholm Open tournament due to the trip to the US. Stockholm Open for me is the start of the winter season. I have 1000 memories saved on my hard drive from the event. People are walking from the city of Stockholm to the amazing venue of Kungliga Tenishallen. Its unique. As a 16 year old I qualified here in 1992. The qualies was being played at Kungliga Tennishallen while the main draw was being played at the Globe Arenas. I was staying at a youth hostel for the qualies and was warming up at Salkhallen with my father before the matches. When I qualified I got the honor to stay at the official main draw hotel. It was amazing. I was in heaven. Up until today i still remember the players gift that was waiting for me on the bed after check in. It was a CD with the best movie anthems of that year. The CD was called Absolute Cinema.

It looks to be the best Stockholm Open in years. The field is the best you can get for a ATP250 event really with Gael Monfils (coached by Mikael Tillström) and Grigor Dimitrov as top seeds. You can feel the extra effort from the tournament this year. I keep my fingers crossed for the Swedish players as always. I wish that my ex-coach and current Davis Cup captain will have some great results in the end of his term as the captain. There are many people who has an opinion about Swedish Tennis but not many people are willing to actually do the dirty work. Fidde with his knowledge and experience is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and I will always respect him for that. Thank you for what you did for me and my career. I will always be grateful. I will always remember. Thank you for what you have done for Swedish Tennis.
My favorite quote this week: If one word will work don’t use two:)

Have a nice weekend!


6 thoughts on “Stockholm Open

  1. Cedric Ernst says:

    You are amazing, like Stan, two humble hard workers with HIGH ethical standards. What a team, sports need more people like you both!

  2. Sophia Jeddaoui says:

    I think for fans , like me , Stan makes such an impression in our personal lives not because of his sport abilities but his character. What i take from his game is his ability to deal with what life gives him and turn it to his advantage. To be Yourself and belief in your strength regardless of others. But most of all to the work hard for what you want. No pain no glory. To poses such a character is to be admired and to be respected. Everytime i face a hard road , i think of the one he travelled. I m sure you agree. But in life our succes is defined by the compagny we keep . I m sure you had something to do with that. Goodluck to you all team wawa .

  3. Cecilia Falcón says:

    Such heartfelt memories of the teenage player who grew into the Coach you are today.

    Only one word to describe that journey:


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