Karlstad Swimrun, Washington and Ironman Sweden

Karlstad Swimrun by CrampsAWAY 2018 in the bag. It was a tough weekend to say the least. We were testing a new long-course Swimrun this year in amazing settings. The day before the race we decided to check the course one last time as we knew it was not that much water at some passings. When we arrived around 7 pm we saw that it was less water than the days before and after a few tough hours we decided to cancel  the long swim in the start of the race. Safety first. We made it back to call all participants and then headed out to mark out the new course. We headed back home at 1:30 am and I don’t know how many times I questioned myself for doing it! Haha.

However the day of the race we had beautiful weather and happy participants and the night before was quickly forgotten. We have a nice after race buffet that with great ambiance and it was a nice ending to the weekend. We in the organisation (picture above) will work hard to make the Karlstad Swimrun 2019 even better! Next race for us is however Karlstad Triathlon. We have a new partner in Clif energy bars that we will work together with to develop the energy stations. We also have a new timekeeper that will keep track of transition times and splits.

My own Triathlon? Well.. Ive been trying and hoping in the last minute. Tried to block out the fact that my knee cant take the training that is needed right now to get through an Ironman. Today I had to take the decision, that I knew was coming deep inside. I will not be able to compete in Ironman Sweden. I have a bad knee that didn’t exactly get better by the crash on the bike on a training ride in march. The Cartilage in the knee is broken and I have limited amount of meniscus left already from my playing career. The doctor have told me Its not 100% that I will be able to run long courses ever again. Time will tell. I will not give up but for sure tough when the mind wants something that the body does not want. The work to get back will start immidiately. I will be back soon!

I have also been in Båstad working the first time in 4 years. It was great to be back but had a very busy schedule also. Lots of people on the beaches and in the tennis. Great week! Would love to go back and just enjoy the event at some stage of my life.

On another positive note I’m going to Washington to work with Stan again. The long road to US Open is starting also called the US Open series. I haven’t been in Washington for a long time so really looking forward to get there again. From what I remember its a very nice city with lots of greens. Im looking for a pool to get some swimming in while I’m there. Any suggestions gladly appreciated:)

I hope for a successful start to the US Open series. Thanks for all the support!




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